Student Development Guiding Principles

1. Albion College is a Four-Year Residential College.

Albion College is committed to providing a coherent, interconnected, and empowering learning-centered liberal arts college experience. A student’s residential environment is an integral component of her or his education; as such, Albion College is a residential campus. The residential experience complements the academic mission by providing a dynamic environment where living and learning interconnect.

2. Learning takes place inside and outside the formal classroom.

Through Albion’s co-curriculum, students are encouraged to learn skills such as how to communicate effectively and with civility, and to take an active leadership role in their college community.

3. Albion College values diversity. The following “Core Values” are among nine established in Albion 2015:

Our Strategic Plan:

  • Diversity as an expression and affirmation of the human condition and as a source of strength and celebration for all members of the community;
  • Fairness, justice, ethical development, and personal responsibility;
  • Intellectual, personal, social, ethical, and spiritual development within our local and global communities that prepares graduates for productive lives and careers; a breadth and depth of opportunities and experiences; and the drive to help each other make meaningful and educated contributions to our world.

4. Students must assume responsibility for their own safety and they should access College and City services dedicated to ensuring a secure environment.

5. The City of Albion is a richly diverse resource. Students have many opportunities to become acquainted to people in the City of Albion through service and volunteer activities.

6. Albion College community standards are based on students’ rights and responsibilities and determine acceptable norms.

  • Students must abide by local, state, federal law, and College policies.
  • Discriminatory Harassment is not tolerated.
  • Sexual Harassment is not tolerated.
  • Diverse opinions are valued and civil discourse is expected.