Maybe you’ve heard the joke about needing experience to start your career, but needing a career to get experience. Yeah, we heard it too.

Albion On Purpose helps you solve that problem. 

Through Albion On Purpose, students collaborate with College and community leaders to innovate, influence and inspire solutions to real-time, real-world problems. It’s called experiential learning: the process of discovering knowledge through action and reflection. 

Albion On Purpose helps you plan, track and talk about your growth both inside and outside of the classroom. You live what you’re learning in your coursework through exclusive professional development, mentoring and community engagement opportunities. You can design an Experiential Certificate that gives you a deep understanding of a transformative topic and related hands-on experience that you wouldn’t get from your coursework alone. You can earn Innovation Badges that showcase your involvement and initiative to future employers and graduate schools. However you plan to pursue your purpose after college, Albion On Purpose supports your next step.  

Albion College leads in experiential learning, and the School for Public Purpose and Professional Advancement is home to some of our most exciting experiential learning opportunities through Albion On Purpose.  

Check out our Experiential Certificates and Innovation Badges today!