School for Public Purpose and Professional Advancement

The School for Public Purpose and Professional Advancement does exactly what our name suggests: we help our students develop and catalyze their intellectual, experiential and activist passions. We’re also home to the experiential learning Institutes and to innovative programming that turn your ideas into transformative action.

We equip campus and civic leaders with the tools necessary to name and pursue purpose: our moral response to the world, its challenges and its possibilities.

SPP fits into your college success however you want it to. Our signature program Albion On Purpose—a choose-your-own-adventure story with everything you need to find the personal, political and professional power of your purpose.

There are lots of ways students can meaningfully interact with the School for Public Purpose and Professional Advancement (SPP) and our experiential learning institutes.

Get Involved

While each institute has a specific mission and unique opportunities to explore, they share a commitment to restorative community engagement and context-responsive professional development. That means you’ll graduate with the experiences and skills you need to excel in your chosen purpose.

Ready to learn more? There are two primary ways that students access the Institutes.


Albion On Purpose

Maybe you’ve heard the joke about needing experience to start your career, but needing a career to get experience. Yeah, we heard it too. 

Albion On Purpose and the Experiential Learning Certificate solves that problem. It helps you plan, track and talk about the experience you develop inside and outside of the classroom.

Institute Membership

The Institutes are the knowledge centers of SPP.

Each brings together the civic, professional, academic and community resources you’ll need to analyze and communicate about the issues that impact our world, and to connect your purpose to innovative solutions to local and global challenges.