Transfer Credits

Transfer Equivalency

Due to the ever-changing nature of college/university courses, and the conversion of many institutions from quarter hours to semester hours, the courses listed on the Michigan Transfer Network reflect course credit and equivalency as of the effective date listed. The Michigan Transfer Network is an online service that allows students, advisers, and the general public to view transfer course equivalencies between many Michigan colleges and universities.

It is the responsibility of students to check the current course information (course number, title, and credit awarded) of the institution they wish to attend to be sure the information on the spreadsheet is still accurate.

Not all available transfer courses are listed on Michigan Transfer Network: if you do not find the course on Michigan Transfer Network, check the Michigan College/University Transfer Equivalency Spreadsheet.

Transfer credit is only awarded following the receipt and review of an official transcript from the sending institution (where credit was awarded). Credit does not automatically transfer upon completion of coursework at another school. Please contact The Office of the Registrar with any questions.

Approved Transfer Equivalents

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Michigan Transfer Agreement

Albion College is committed to helping students transition smoothly from the community college to Albion College. This commitment is demonstrated by our participation in the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA). The MTA was developed in an effort to simplify the transfer process for students, creating a core block of lower-level college coursework selected to satisfy a portion of general education at each of the state of Michigan’s public institutions and participating private and tribal institutions.

Michigan Transfer Agreement (pdf)

Articulation Agreements

Albion College is proud to partner with colleges and universities to provide many avenues to degree completion. For brief descriptions and program criteria for the institutions that Albion College has articulation agreements with, please visit our Articulation Agreements page.

Transfer of Credit Procedures

Any course not on the Transfer Equivalency Spreadsheet must be pre-approved to insure transfer credit will be awarded. Please use the Transfer Credit Approval Form.

Transfer Credit Approval Form (pdf)

Below are the guidelines and policies related to the transfer of credit to Albion College.

Only credits earned at an accredited institution, with comparable academic content and rigor, will be considered for transfer. The various departments of Albion College determine individual course equivalency and transferability as well as applicability towards majors and minors. When the coursework has been completed at an institution outside the United States, the institution must be an officially recognized tertiary institution.

Final recognition and posting of transfer courses on the transfer student’s academic record will follow receipt of an “official transcript” sent directly from the previous institution(s) and upon the applicant’s admission to Albion College. Transfer credit evaluations can be completed on your behalf prior to being admitted, but are unofficial and to be used for advising purposes only.

Course work assigned a passing grade equal to or above 2.00 (C or better) on a 4.00 scale may be recognized in transfer. Transfer credits are recorded with a grade of T and are not included in grade point average computations. Courses in which a grade of CR (credit) was earned are not transferrable.

Students transferring from two-year institutions such as community or junior college may present a maximum of 16.0 units of transfer towards their bachelor’s degree. International students who have attended officially recognized and accredited tertiary institutions may receive transfer credit for work completed. Albion College residency requirement states that your final 12 units towards your degree must be completed at Albion College. Albion College courses are based on a unit system where 1.0 unit is equal to 4 semester hours or 6 quarter hours.

If the course or college is not listed, or if you are requesting approval of a course for mode, category, major, minor and/or concentration requirements, please use the Transfer Credit Approval Form. Print the form, complete it, and submit to the Registrar’s Office. A syllabus of the course is often required.

High School Dual Enrollment and Middle/Early College Programs

Albion College accepts transfer credit from dual enrollment programs and middle/early college programs provided the courses taken by the student meet the following conditions:

  • The course must be taken from an accredited institution.
  • Credit is only granted for transferable courses in which a grade of “C” (2.0) or better is earned.
  • Courses must be taken at the college or university (online courses are accepted).
  • Courses must be similar in nature to the liberal arts coursework offered at Albion College.

Please note that transfer credit will not be granted in the following cases:

  • Internship, co-op, practicum, or life experience.
  • Grade of “Credit” or “Pass” – versus specific grade such as 2.0 or C – is earned.