Parent Proxy Access

In an effort to meet the needs of Albion College students, and to encourage students to safeguard their ACIS username and password, Albion provides a way for students to identify a person (or persons) as a proxy and grant permission for that trusted individual to view selected student information.

Students control who they designate as a proxy and what items that person can access. When the student selects the pages for a proxy, they are authorizing them to access the webpage. The proxy may view the information on the page but may not change any information. Only the student may make changes to their information. The student is able to modify the permissions, set date ranges in shich the permissions are active, and view a log of the most recent activity.

If the proxy has questions about the information they re viewing, they should speak to the student. Albion’s Proxy Access does not grant the proxy the authority to contact and discuss information with a College representative. The student would also have to grant the proxy FERPA access. FERPA access forms may be obtained by the student at the Registrar’s Office. Only the student can authorize Proxy Access; Albion Staff/Faculty cannot grant those rights.

Proxy Access – Parent Instructions

  1. When your student creates your Proxy Access account, you will receive an email
  2. The email will contain a one-time use web page address (URL) for you to complete the setup of your Proxy Access account. First, the URL will take you to a new page and ask you for an access password that is in your email as well.
  3. After you click submit, use the “Old” pin that was referenced in the email, the “Old” pin is the same as the action password that you just used.
  4. Please complete your profile. You will not be able to access your student’s authorized pages until the Proxy Profile has been submitted.
  5. You may click on the tab with your student’s name to access the authorized pages. If you have more than one student who has authorized you to view their information, you will see a tab for each student.
  6. When you click on the link to an authorized page, such as “Billing Statement,” it will launch in a new browser window.
  7. To exit the Proxy Access System, please close your browser.
  8. Note: Please speak to your student if there is information you would like to view but are not currently authorized to see. Only your student can authorize you to access their information; Albion College Staff/Faculty cannot grant those rights.
  9. Parents with active proxy accounts can log-in to the Proxy Access

Proxy Access – Student Instructions for adding a Proxy

  1. In ACIS ( select the tab labeled Proxy Menu
  2. Select the Proxy Management box
  3. You may add a new proxy by selecting Add Proxy
  4. Complete your Proxy’s First Name, Last Name, and email address. Click Add Proxy. A notification email will be sent to your proxy.
  5. Now that you have created your proxy, you must complete their profile and grant their authorizations. To do this, please expand the proxy by clicking on their name or email address.
  6. Complete the proxy’s profile. Please confirm the Start and Stop dates. The Start date will default to the date that you created the proxy. The Stop date will be five years from that date. The Delete Proxy Relationship option is only available until your proxy has completed their setup. If you need to remove access, and the Delete Proxy Relationship option is no longer available, please update the End Date.
  7. Continue to the Authorization tab and select the ACIS pages you would like your proxy to be able to view. Once you have completed the authorization setup, you may email the authorizations to your proxy by clicking on the E-Mail Authorizations link.
  8. Changes are automatically saved as they are made. You’re done!
  9. To view the changes made to this proxy’s authorizations, please see the History tab.