15 Steps to Financial Success

    1. Complete the FAFSA. We recommend everyone complete the FAFSA. Applicants should complete FAFSA before March 1 for priority consideration.
    2. Review your financial aid award. We’ll send new students financial aid notifications within a week of filing the FAFSA.
    3. Develop your Albion Financing Plan. Work with your admission or financial services counselor to explore your options and develop a plan to cover all of your college costs.
    4. Visit your MyAlbion account to see what resources are available to you.
      • Use the username and password provided in your award notification to log into MyAlbion.
      • Accept Your Awards
    5. Review the Student Requirements in MyAlbion to ensure your file is complete. Recommended deadline is June 15th.
    6. Write Your Scholarship Thank You Note. In MyAlbion, click on the name of your scholarship to get information on your donor and instructions on how to write your letter.
    7. Complete Direct Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN). 
      • Go to studentaid.gov
      • Sign in with the FSA ID used for the FAFSA
      • Sign the Master Promissory Note (subsidized/unsubsidized)
    8. Complete Direct Loan Counseling. 
      • Go to studentaid.gov
      • Sign in with the FSA ID used for the FAFSA
      • Complete Entrance Counseling (undergraduate)
    9. Find a Job. 
      • Work-study/Albion Work positions are available at on our website.
      • Complete the required paperwork before beginning employment.
    10. Authorize Access. 
    11. Check Your Bill. Your bill will be emailed to you at the beginning of each month starting in July. You are responsible for reviewing it and paying the balance owed.
    12. Consider a PLUS or alternative loan. If you need additional resources to help cover your bill consider a PLUS or alternative loans.
    13. Request a refund. If your account is paid and there is extra money remaining, you may request a refund of those funds by emailing refunds@albion.edu.
    14. Read your email. We don’t want you to miss out on any funds available and we want to make sure your bill is paid on time. Sometimes we need to remind you about deadlines or documents that we need. We’ll let you know by email; so read and succeed.
    15. Ask Questions. If you have questions along the way, never hesitate to email financialaid@albion.edu, call 517-629-0440, or stop in the office.