Understanding Your Award Offer

Financing Your Albion education: it's a partnership we think is worth the investment.

Financial Aid Offer

Cost of Attendance

Financial Aid Offered

The Bottom Line

What Now?

Included in your cost of attendance are those expenses that are paid directly to the College (tuition, fees, housing, and food) as well as what we anticipate your other costs will be while attending. Those include your books and supplies, transportation and personal expenses which will vary depending on your spending habits, but we want to make sure you include those in your plans.

When comparing other aid offers, make sure you’ve included all of the same costs.

The amount on your College bill will include only tuition, fees, housing and meals.

We’ve listed all of the federal, state and institutional resources available to you. You can learn more about each of the funds and what you have to do to receive them by visiting MyAlbion. You’ll have access to all that information once you pay your deposit… we’ll send you all the login information to your student portal, Briton Bound.

If you accept all of the financial aid offered to you, this is the amount your family will need to contribute. There are many ways to cover this portion. We’ll help you understand all the options by completing your personal Albion Financing Plan.

  • Develop Your Albion Financing Plan: We understand that navigating the financial realities of paying for college is complex. We’re here to help, starting with walking you through the pieces of your Plan. But, that’s just the start. We’ll work with you to help fill in the blanks and explore all the options available to you.
  • Read Your E-mail: We don’t want you to miss out on any funds available and we want to make sure your bill is paid on time. Sometimes we need to remind you about deadlines or documents that we need. We’ll let you know by email; so read and succeed.