The Project Process

Request A Project

To request a project start, please contact Nate Salazar at [email protected]

Name/number Assignment

When your Project Request Form is submitted to Design and Construction it will be assigned a name and number. From this point forward all correspondence will need to contain the Project name and number.

Site Visit/discussion

The Design and Construction Manager will contact you to schedule an initial site visit. During the site visit, the type and scope of work for the project will be verified and the next steps will be discussed with you.

Alert: Depending on the size and complexity of your project it may need to be presented to the Space Utilization Committee or the Campus Planning Committee.


If it is determined during the site visit that your project requires the design of Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing or Life Safety items we will work with you to complete this step. The design may be done by Design and Construction or an outside firm depending on the size and complexity of the Project.

Alert: Design Professional Fees will be required to be approved prior to moving forward.

Project Estimate

Once the design and/or scope of work is finalized an estimate will be compiled for the entire project. This includes “in-house” costs such as (but are not limited to) furniture, IT and signage.

Alert: At this point submittal through the CAPEX form will need to be completed and approved prior to moving to the next step.

Project Schedule

Design and Construction will provide a schedule for the Project. The schedule will vary greatly depending on the size, complexity, and use of the space. Some projects may require scheduling during dates when students are not on campus or when temporary facilities can be provided.


As your project comes to completion you will be provided with a summary of the schedule, costs, manuals, etc. The Design and Construction Manager will schedule a meeting with you to review and evaluate the process/project experience and satisfaction.