Exam Proctoring Accommodations

As many of you know, the Cutler Center is limited in both staffing and space to adequately handle the high volume of exam requests during the academic year. We would like exam proctoring by the Cutler Center to be considered as a secondary, not primary method of delivering accommodations. Unless there are special circumstances (such as the use of a computer), there is no established reason students must take their exams in the library. As a result we are asking for the cooperation of you and your instructors in the following:

  1. Students with disabilities who have exam accommodations for extra time (1.5x) should take their exams whenever possible in the classroom or other convenient department location.
    • The Cutler Center can proctor the exam when the faculty member is not available after the regular exam period.
  2. Students with disabilities who have exam accommodations for a distraction reduced space should take their exams in the department whenever possible.
    • We would be happy to discuss with you and your instructor possible locations and methods for having this happen within your department.
  3. The Cutler Center will proctor exams for students requiring the use of a computer or other technology, such as screen reader, text-to-speech software, use of spell-checker, or ability to type exam.

Exam Proctoring Policy

If after speaking with your instructor, you determine the need to still take exams through the Cutler Center, please complete the following procedure in this order:

  1. Please schedule your exam through the Accessible Information Management (AIM) System
    If the Accessibility Services Office receives less than the stated 2 day notice, your exam may not be able to be arranged in a timely manner to provide the requested accommodations. If the test/quiz is scheduled by your instructor with less than 2 days’ notice, please contact the Cutler Center office immediately so that we can work with you to make appropriate arrangements.