Summer Housing Information

Summer Break provides a period to rest and restore, develop professional skills through internships and work experiences, and to spend time with family and friends. Some College programs are offered during Summer Break, and the College has two 7-week summer academic sessions as well, which are an opportunity to catch up on classes for your degree.

If looking for Spring check-out information, please visit Move-Out Planning for further information.

Summer Housing

End of year planning integrates identified summer session housing needs as we prepare to manage transition from Spring to Summer residence alongside various program timelines. If you are planning to request summer housing or have confirmed participation in a summer academic program or on-campus employment, please review the information below:

The Summer Housing Session Request Form is open in eRezLife (under housing applications).

  • Form open: 3/14/24
  • Form close and due: 4/15/24
  • Students may have indicated a housing need to a program director/employer but will also need to complete the official housing request form with Community Living.
  • Note: the summer housing request form is not a late-stay form. Students are responsible for identifying transportation and travel arrangements that fit within the residence hall open/close periods each semester. A late-stay form for students with extenuating circumstances or extended athletic or commitments will be published around April 1.

Summer Housing requests are reviewed and approved on a rolling basis according to the following eligibility criteria:

  • Students enrolled in in-person summer session classes or local for-credit internships
  • Students participating in sponsored academic programs
    • Maemester (Education Department)
    • FURSCA grant recipients
    • CNA Certification Class (Wilson Institute)
    • Gerstacker Institute Summer School
    • other on-campus research positions with faculty
  • Students with on-campus employment or AmeriCorps internships
  • Students may submit additional requests for summer housing for other extenuating reasons but housing is not guaranteed – Community Living will review requests and offer assignments as space permits

Summer housing and roommate assignments will be defined according to similar program start/end dates, Spring/Fall occupancy, and maintenance project timelines. Housing is more limited for Summer 2024 than in past years–Munger Place Apartments is offline for Summer 2024 for building care.

  • We welcome roommate requests but will prioritize assignments with roommates residing on campus for similar program dates and will assign students in the same programs when possible.
  • Students will be assigned to spaces with access to full kitchens and living areas.
  • Students are responsible for maintaining cleanliness in their living areas.
  • Every student should expect to live with an apartment mate and/or roommate during summer term residency. Should a person find themselves assigned to an apartment alone, they will be asked to consolidate to a new housing assignment.
  • Assignments and roommate information will be distributed April 22.
  • Note: students in Maemester and CNA programs will be asked to begin moving as soon as final exams have concluded and program housing is move-in ready. Some students in these programs will be able to remain in Spring 2024 assignments until the conclusion of the program.

Summer session move-in and move-out dates are determined according to program and/or employment commitments with a move-in and move-out date identified for the weekend before/after program requirements. 

  • Students may ask for transitional housing between Spring semester housing and Summer program start dates
  • Students with multiple commitments should indicate all relevant programs and the earliest start and latest end dates associated with these programs
  • The final move-out date for Summer Housing is August 4. Students with commitments beyond August 4 must specifically request transition housing if needed until Fall 2024 semester begins. Transition housing will be charged as two additional weeks of summer housing
  • Note: in summary – students should plan for Sunday to Sunday for weeks they are required to be on campus for their commitment and should not assume any further residency without approval

Student Accounting has published Summer Housing costs and room rates at $35 per week (double-occupancy rooms) and $45 per week (single-occupancy rooms). Meal plans are not available and students are responsible for cleaning and cooking in their residential assignment.

  • Based on limited opportunity for non-A/C apartment options on campus, we have identified one rate for all summer housing styles. Air conditioning priority will be provided to students residing on campus for a longer period during summer session.
  • Any questions about a special rate or agreement for Summer Housing costs for students participating in your program and/or employed in your department should be sent to Human Resources or the Business Office
  • Summer Housing billing is managed by Student Accounting and questions about payment should be directed to [email protected], questions about financial aid should be directed to [email protected]
  • Note: single room rates are published but single rooms are extremely limited and are only provided in cases of documented disability for summer assignments. Students will not be assigned to an apartment alone.

Life on Campus

  • Students on campus often have rigorous research, academic, programmatic, or employment commitments, and free time is most often used outdoors in the sun or meeting new people.
  • Campus will have limited scheduled activities or Campus Life events, and some of the key amenities will have modified hours of operations. Modified hours will be released soon.
  • Students with transportation requests should direct their questions to Campus Safety, at [email protected].
  • Students seeking support with groceries due to financial or transportation needs should consider local resources such as the Community Table of Albion, food pantries at Albion and Marshall churches, and the grocery pick-up option provided by Metz Dining.

Emergency Needs and Staffing

  • Throughout the summer, Community Living maintains a staff rotation for on-call emergency needs. Student staff will also be located in select areas of campus for general support, such as assistance with roommate agreements or facilities questions.
  • For routine facilities needs, log in to the work order system with your network username and password, and submit a request with thorough description of the concern.
  • In case of emergency, please call Campus Safety at 517-629-1234 for assistance.