Frequently Asked Questions

If I am going off-campus in the fall, do I register for a permit now for spring semester? Toggle Accordion

Yes. Be sure to choose the “Spring Semester” option on the registration form. You will not be assigned a parking spot or charged for the permit until after fall semester.

Do I have to register for a permit if I am living in Munger or an annex? Toggle Accordion

Yes. Permits are required for these areas as well. Campus Safety will assign all available annex parking spots to residents who apply; however, annex residents are only guaranteed a parking spot near their residence if they register for a permit by the May 5 deadline.

Do I have to pick a parking lot or zone? Toggle Accordion

No. We work closely with the office of Residential Life to assign students parking spaces based on the building that they will be living in next year.

What if I'm not sure whether I am going to bring a car back? Toggle Accordion

You should still register. If you elect not to bring a car next semester, you can cancel your registration without being charged for a permit as long as you do so by September 1.

What if I don't know what kind of car I'm going to bring? Toggle Accordion

You should still register now. We will contact you later to obtain your vehicle information.

When will I find out where I am assigned to park? Toggle Accordion

We will e-mail this information to you in August before the semester starts.