Albion College Football Tailgating Policy

Albion College permits tailgating in an authorized location prior to and after home football games. Tailgating is defined as parking a motorized vehicle and consuming food and beverages, which may include alcoholic beverages, outside the sports event area. The Ferguson parking lot is the designated tailgating area for all home football games (overflow tailgating for Homecoming will be at Bellemont Manor).

The safety of our students and visitors is of the utmost importance to the College; therefore the following guidelines are established for tailgating.

  1. Tailgating must occur only in the Ferguson parking lot, which will be clearly marked by signs.
  2. Tailgating cannot start before four hours prior to the beginning of any home football game and must end within two hours following the end of the game.
  3. Alcoholic beverages are limited to single-serving, non-glass containers. No common sources (e.g., kegs, beer balls or other large quantity containers) are permitted.
  4. Serving alcohol to or consumption of alcohol by minors (those under 21 years of age) is a violation of state and federal law and Albion College policy. Michigan law states that underage drinking is illegal everywhere—on public or private property, indoors or out—including tailgating.
  5. Individuals consuming alcohol may be asked to provide legal identification and proof of age to a campus safety officer or local law enforcement officer.
  6. Carrying an open container of alcohol on public streets or sidewalks is illegal, regardless of age. When guests leave the designated tailgate area, they must leave alcoholic beverages in the designated tailgate area.
  7. No alcoholic beverages may be taken into any athletic facility or into the sports event area.
  8. Rules regarding tailgating will be posted on the Albion College Web site and a flyer stating those rules will be distributed to guests who enter the designated tailgating area.