Crime Prevention

Because Albion is a residential college, students must reside in College housing. Even though there is a sense of safety when living closely with one’s peers, be sure that you do not allow anyone—students or non-students—to exploit that environment. The vast majority of crimes in the residence halls involve theft of personal property.

Almost always, the theft is from an unlocked room or an unattended common area. You can prevent these “crimes of opportunity.”

Security Measures in the Residence Halls

  1. Do not prop open residence hall doors—even for a friend.
  2. Lock your door when you leave—even for a short time.
  3. Lock your door before going to sleep.
  4. Lock windows that are accessible from outside.
  5. Keep your small items of value, such as wallets, purses, money and jewelry out of sight.
  6. Participate in Operation Identification—engrave all valuable items with your driver’s license number. Call Campus Safety for information.
  7. Do not leave notes on your door announcing that no one is in the room.
  8. Never loan out your keys or ID card.
  9. Report any persons acting suspiciously in and around the residence halls. Note their description and location and call Campus Safety immediately.
  10. Report any doors, locks or windows in need of repair to your Community Assistant, Area Coordinator, or facilities.