Campus Life Items Available

The Office of Campus Life wants to see your organization thrive and bring together students from all over campus! In order to do this we wanted to provide a list of items we have available for checkout or use. Many of these items would add an element of flair or fun to your events and we encourage you to checkout or use anything you think would help your event! While this is not an exhaustive list, it is a good representation of what we have to offer. If you think Campus Life should get an item that would be useful or beneficial for student organizations please don’t hesitate to send us an email – [email protected]


Food Items:

Trays/Bowls for Food

Pans for Cooking

Cooking utensils – spoons, spatulas, knives

Cutting boards

Griddles – x3

Red deli baskets

Coolers – regular square ones and round drink holder ones

Popcorn Machine


Small Fridge for dressings or keeping other food cool for a short time

Disposable serving ware – cutlery, plates of all sizes, bowls of all sizes, napkins, paper towels, cups/solo cups

Aluminum foil

Plastic wrap



Balloons/Balloon Weights

Candle Holders


Fiesta decorations

String Lights – various colors, but mostly white

Valentine’s Day decorations

Fall/Harvest decorations

Halloween decorations

Mardi Gras decorations

Beach decorations


Items for set ups:

Small Orange Cones

Line Dividers


Sandwich Board signs

Rope/Zip Ties

Colored baskets

Baskets – many sizes



Step Stool

Audio Equipment

Blue/Purple Fabric

Red/Orange Fabric

10×10 Pop Up Tents

Blinking/Streaming Lights

Stage – for use only in the Kellogg Center

Tables – for use only in the Kellogg Center

Chairs – for use only in the Kellogg Center

Red or black Plastic


White Western Barrels (???)

Flip Charts

Giant post-its

Power Strips

Extension Cords

Folding/Movable Walls

Counters for an event

Duct tape, scotch tape, masking tape, painter’s/blue tape



Ladder Golf

Kan Jam (???)

Safe version of lawn darts

Washer Toss

Wii & Wii Games

Board Games

Bingo Equipment

Casino Night Equipment – including real chips and felt placemats

Tinker Toys and blocks (???)

Large Connect 4 – x2


Corn Hole – large and small

Ice Breaker Thumb Balls

Fidget Toys

Bean bag toss (much smaller singular version of cornhole)

Large Connect Four – x2

Velcro Foam Axe Throwing

Inflatable giant bowling

Outdoor twister sets (many mats)


Spike ball




Hula Hoops

Full Length Mirrors

Walkie Talkies

Box of Old Pants and Ties (???)

Blocks of wood

Wooden Poles

Marilyn Monroe Cut Out

Elvis Cut Out

Black Stools

Chicken Suit

Colored Paper – construction paper, printer paper, and stationery

Glitter – nearly any color

Photo Booth Props

Board Markers