La Cosecha Latinx Graduation

The La Cosecha Latinx Graduation Ceremony will be held on May 3, 2024, at 6:00 PM in Upper Baldwin Hall. The Office of Campus Life will gift participating graduates a custom Serape Graduation Stole.

The History of the Serape

When Cortez arrived on Mexico’s shores in 1519, the Aztecs were already wearing a blanket-type garment, the serape. The Spanish influenced the weavings by introducing the pedal loom and domesticated sheep and wool. Worn only by men, serapes were the counterpart of the rebozos and huipiles worn by women. Serapes were the typical garment of workers, horsemen, and townsfolk alike. Serapes were worn over the shoulder by aristocrats, used as a blanket by cowboys, covered walls or beds in homes, or were spread out on the ground at markets to display wares. Serapes are exquisite works of art, each piece the result of months of work by talented weaving families.

While a recognized symbol of Latinx culture, the Office of Campus Life selected the serape for the sashes as a tribute to the hard work of our Latinx students as they reach graduation. The variety of colors across the sashes is intended to honor the rich cultural diversity of our many graduates who proudly represent multiple nationalities in the larger community of Albion College.

La Cosecha Latinx Graduation Registration Form


2024 Annual Statewide Hispanic/Latino College Graduation Ceremony

In addition to La Cosecha Latinx Graduation at Albion College, we will be attending the Annual Statewide Hispanic/Latino College Graduation Ceremony that will be hosted at the Lansing Center.

Date and time TBD.

Albion College will provide transportation to all graduates who register to attend.

The ceremony is to celebrate the achievements of Hispanic/Latino college and university graduates from across the state. Our goal is to recognize the efforts made by these students, while also acknowledging the support given by their families, fellow students, faculty, and administrators who helped in achieving this very important milestone.

We ask that all graduates wear their cap and gown. It is not mandatory, but we encourage cap and gowns if possible.

Link to register will be provided here when registration opens