New Year’s Resolutions

Jocelyn McWhirter, Religious Studies

I’m starting the new semester by turning over a new leaf! Over the break, I reviewed all that I’ve learned from the ACUE course. Now it’s time for me to articulate the techniques that I want to work on this semester.

  • Motivate my students by acknowledging progress and praising effort.
  • Point out how their learning is preparing them for their careers.
  • Use a rubric to assess class participation.
  • At the end of each class, review the topic and assignment for the next class.
  • Start with an engagement trigger and end with a summary exercise.
  • Limit my talking during class discussions.

As I review this list, I’m noticing that the techniques I’ve singled out all empower students in some way. They articulate clear standards, engage students in active learning, provide a road map, and/or let them steer. I’m not sure what this says about my autocratic habits! But now that I’ve listed my resolutions and reflected on them, I’m even more motivated to keep them.