Briton Scholarship Fund


At Albion College, we know that our well-rounded liberal arts education extends past the classroom. It teaches students to be advocates, to empower others and to strive for purposeful connection.

Every year, Albion invests in current Britons by providing institutional scholarships and grants that enable them to enroll. Supported by alumni and donors, the Briton Scholarship Fund is an annual operating fund that makes it financially feasible for the College to provide these financial aid packages. Over the past five years, donors have empowered hundreds of students by contributing more than $1.2 million to the Briton Scholarship Fund.

You understand the power of the Albion College experience. Your donation to the Briton Scholarship Fund enables us to continue fostering environments for these life-changing experiences for our students.

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Hannah Fife, '25

Meet Hannah Fife, ’25 — a kinesiology major with a minor in cell and molecular biology at Albion College. She is participating in Albion College’s 4+1 nursing program to obtain a B.S. in Nursing.

In addition to her passion for nursing, Hannah is pursuing a degree in American Sign Language (ASL); she will combine her talents for nursing with ASL to help people.