Host Guide

Host interest form

Host Guide

Thank you for your interest in hosting a 2025 Albion Everywhere Gathering! Please see the details below to help you plan your gathering. If you would like to schedule a conversation with an Alumni Engagement staff member, please contact us at [email protected] to set up a time.

March 23, 2025, falls on a Sunday. We will likely offer a date range for events, similar to what we did for 2024. This range has not yet been set.

Hosting includes selecting a location for your gathering that you think would work well for people in your area. Businesses that offer tables for large groups or semi-private space without a rental fee are recommended. Unless a host is willing to cover part of the cost, food and beverages will be individual tabs.

Most gatherings will likely be 5 to 40 people. If you need help estimating attendance based on the number of alumni in your area, contact [email protected].

  • Submit host form by January 31, 2025
  • Complete the Volunteer Privacy Agreement
  • Staff will add your location to the Albion Everywhere webpage
  • Registration will open in February and invitation emails will be sent by the College to all alumni
  • Staff will provide registration updates for your gathering
  • In early March, staff will mail host packets including blank name tags, a sign-in sheet, and décor items for photos
  • Take photos at your event and email those to [email protected], along with a photo of your sign-in sheet(s)
  • Have fun connecting with fellow Brits!