Religious Studies

Analyze religious history, literature and philosophy, mystics and sacred texts, and rituals and ethical principles. Develop a deep understanding of how different religious practices and traditions have shaped cultures around the world.

Religion has shaped individuals and institutions in every major culture, dating all the way back to human prehistory. Study religious practices, sacred texts, conceptions of morality, rituals, and religious experiences from around the world. 

Study the dynamics of global religious traditions in their social and historical contexts, including their formative myths, sacred texts, spiritual practices, and rituals. Examine the ways that people have found purpose and meaning as they face some of life’s most challenging questions. Deepen your understanding of other cultures by spending a semester studying abroad.

The study of religion provides the opportunity to explore the depth and nuance of human spirituality. You’ll develop the capacity to think critically about all aspects of human existence, providing you with a unique foundation for a wide variety of careers.

Three Albion students conversing outside of a campus building.

Religious Studies Major and Minor

As a religious studies major at Albion, you’ll consider the most challenging questions of existence. Where did we come from? Why is there pain and suffering? Why are we not treated equitably?

You’ll learn how different religious traditions have sought to answer these questions throughout history.

You’ll analyze primary texts, religious literature, and philosophy. You’ll benefit from rigorous discussion in our small classes, build close relationships with your professors and peers, and develop keen critical and analytical skills.

Religious Studies Major and Minor

Religious Studies Courses

As a student of religious studies, you’ll examine themes like gender, justice, and morality in expert-led courses about Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Jain, Sikh, Christian, and Daoist traditions. Explore courses offered by our department and courses accepted for transfer credit.