During their time at Albion, students learn about the social and cultural history of the German-speaking world and develop a deep understanding of how language and culture are connected.

10 Reasons to Learn German

German students make Schultüten for their first cultural activity. A Schultüte is a back-to-school cone that parents give to their children on the first day of school. A Schultüte can be filled with treats and fun school supplies that children will enjoy and it's a great way to start the school year.

German students make German potato salade called Kartoffelsalat during the German cultural activity.

First-Year Experience with German

All entering students enroll in a First-Year Seminar as part of the College’s core requirement for graduation. Small classes like these—with an emphasis on discussion, an opportunity for individualized student research projects, and the development of strong communication skills—serve as the foundation for your undergraduate experience.

Frankfurt is an important German and international city historically, culturally and economically. We visited the Geothe Museum as well as several other world-renowned museums. We also spent a day shopping and took a day trip to Heidelberg, one of Germany’s most popular tourist and study abroad destinations. For more information on First-Year Experiences click here.

Student Spotlight

Nick Herrman, ’12, found his rhythm right away at Albion by effectively balancing his time in the classroom, in the lab, and on stage. Now, it’s the molecular focus of his research that is propelling the biology and chemistry major forward.

So far, his research has led him to a summer fellowship with University of Illinois chemistry professor Wilfred van der Donk, a presentation at the American Chemical Society’s meeting in Anaheim, Calif., and an internship at the University of Tübingen in southern Germany over the summer of 2011 as a participant in the Research Internships in Science and Engineering (RISE) program.

RISE is an academic exchange service program sponsored by the German government to fund English-speaking undergraduate students to work as interns for German doctoral degree candidates.  He said the project was related to how plants react to a bacterial attack.

Herrman has taken German at Albion for several semesters in a row now.  In the spring you will find him in Dr. Perry Myers’ class, German 306. German Cultural History:  From Germania to the Nation State.