Congratulations to all Albion College German alums! We wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors. Keep in touch and please stop by whenever you’re in town!

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The Modern Languages & Cultures Department is currently reaching out to alumni asking for their reflections about their experiences in the Modern Languages & Cultures Department.  We hope you will download the survey and fill it out in the the next couple weeks.  Return if to Dr. Perry Myers via E-Mail at [email protected].

These testimonials will be prominently featured in our hallway on the first floor of Vulgamore Hall and in our courses.  Current students will reflect on your answers and might wish to contact you.

2013 Graduates

Andrew Bieber, '13 Toggle Accordion

I am double majoring in German and Economics. Studying German at Albion College gave the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Heidelberg, Germany, where I interned at the German insurance company, Barmer GEK. After graduation, I would like to combine my studies in Economics and German and work in international finance.

Tom Dukes, '13 Toggle Accordion

The classes I took for my German major have been among the most challenging and stimulating that I’ve had at Albion. But the best part of being a German student for me was the semester I spent studying in Germany: one month at a Goethe Institute doing intensive language training, and five months enrolled at the University of Tübingen. I hope to return to Germany next year with a Fulbright Assistantship to teach English to middle and high school students.

Nathalie Lichtner, '13 Toggle Accordion

I am an International Studies and French Major with a German Minor. I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Grenoble, France and managed to visit my home country, Germany, as well. Currently, I am working at Gross Stabil Corp., which is headquartered in Germany, as their marketing and sales assistant with the potential to eventually use my German at work.

Lisa Palaian '13 Toggle Accordion

I have loved learning German throughout high school and continuing at Albion College. The professors are always available to help out be it academic or personal questions, on-campus or abroad. My time abroad helped me to step outside of my comfort zone and build the confidence I need to continue down my education path. After graduation, I hope to become a teacher and spread my passion of the German language and culture with high school students.

Charles Siebert, '13 Toggle Accordion

German classes at Albion are thought-provoking, challenging, and taught by professors whose passion for the subject has only furthered my fascination with German. I studied off campus in Vienna, Austria. It was certainly one of the greatest learning adventures I have ever had. As I look forward to law school next fall, I will remember class discussions on social issues in Germany, drinking coffee in a Viennese Café, and enjoyable conversations with faculty.

Hana Marie Sietz, '13 Toggle Accordion

I will be graduating with degrees in both Biology and German as well as with a minor in European Area Studies. After graduation, I plan on returning to Germany to the city of Aachen to take language courses in order to pass the German Language Proficiency exam (the DSH). I then hope to continue my studies, focusing on the area of nutrition.

2012 Graduates

Laura Erikson, ’12 Toggle Accordion

Studying abroad was by far one of the best parts of being in the language program. I also was able to live in the I-Space, which allowed me to keep experiencing German culture after being abroad. After graduation, I am going to pursue either a job in the communications world in the Michigan/East coast area or perhaps go abroad to Germany.

Nick Long, ’12 Toggle Accordion

I have a double major in German and Biochemistry as well as a minor in cell and molecular biology. Hoping to continue to study the German language, culture, history, and politics at Albion College, I was at first concerned with the workload of an additional science major. Deciding to stick with it, I can now say with confidence that it indeed can be done and that being a German major, with all the program’s unique and enjoyable aspects has tremendously enhanced my undergraduate experience. After graduation, I plan to obtain a Ph.D. in biochemistry at the Van Andel Institute in Grand Rapids, MI.

2011 Graduates

Jonathon Campbell, '11 Toggle Accordion

I’m a major in International Studies with a double minor in German Language and Economics and Management. My most favorite aspect of the German department is that the professors work closely with students and are always available for assistance. As I interview for jobs, I feel that my C.V. stands out from other job-seekers. Every employer, involved in German language-related work or not, has been excited about my ability to speak German.

Christine Grahl, ’11 Toggle Accordion

My majors are Economics and Management, and German Language and Culture for the Professions. Studying German has given me the opportunity to study abroad and intern for the Germany Sport-horse Registry in Moritzburg, Germany. After graduation, I will become their American contact person, as well as continue my education in equine science and marketing.

Previous Graduates

2010 Graduates Toggle Accordion

  • Halene Waytes

    • Psychology Major, German Minor. Halene will be applying to graduate programs in psychology.
  • Charles Wolf
    • German and Anthropology double major. Charles will be applying to graduate programs in Anthropology.

2009 Graduates Toggle Accordion

  • Kim Biache
    • German & Communication Studies. Kim has said she will move out west to Utah.
  • Lauren Cross
    • Pre med with a German minor. Lauren plans on attending Medical School, possibly in Colorado.
  • Sarah Julian
    • German & Communication Studies. Sarah is in South Korea teaching English.
  • Margaret Leiby
    • German & Women’s Studies. Margaret is going to Germany on a Fulbright Scholarship to teach German for a year.
  • Kelly Robbins
    • Is working as a full-time elementary school teacher of German (K-3) in Jackson, MI.
  • Katie Waechter Schinkel
    • has moved to Rostock, Germany where she is happily married and busy teaching English at Inlingua language school.

2008 Graduates Toggle Accordion

  • Candace Bean
    • German & Theater. *2009 update*: Candace is currently pursuing a Masters’s Degree in Human Resource Management and Organizational Development at Eastern Michigan University.
  • Lisa Dorr
    • German / Economics & Management–Gerstacker Institute. *2009 update*: Lisa writes: For now, I am studying to take the first actuary exam and hopefully when I pass, I can start job hunting. Aside from that, I waitress and teach soccer.
  • Brandon Girard
    • German & English. *2009 update* Brandon has a full-time job at Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting in Dexter, MI. Email: [email protected].
  • Jessica Holden
    • German & Communication Studies.*2009 update*: Jessica is working in Boston, MA.
  • Grace Keeney
    • German & International Studies. “In 2009 I will go to Brazil on a Fulbright Scholarship to conduct research on Aids-related NGO’s. In Summer 2010 I will finish my Masters at the University of London.”
  • Christian Maciulis
    • German Minor & Economics & Management–Gerstacker Institute.*2009 update*: After working for Grace GmbH in Worms, Germany Christian is back in the state pursuing a degree in Chemistry. Email:
  • Erin MacLeod
    • German & Communication Studies with a Concentration in: Law, Justice & Society. After spending time in Germany on a Fulbright Scholarship Erin is now pursuing a post-graduate degree in International Public Relations at Wayne State University.
  • Erica Schuster
    • German major, Biology minor with a Concentration in Secondary Education. After a year in Germany on a Fulbright Scholarship, Erica is now teaching German at Bloomfield Hills Middle School Email:
  • Gavin Smith
    • German Languages and Culture for Special Purposes (GLCP) & Economics & Management–Gerstacker Institute. Gavin is currently pursuing an MBA at Wayne State University.

2007 Graduates Toggle Accordion

  • Alex B. Becker
    • German/Political Science: *2009 update*: Alex has been studying Sports administration at Seattle University in Seattle, WA.
  • Christina Borrelli
    • German/Political Science: *2009 update*: Christina is working as a policy analyst at Altarum, a nonprofit health systems research and consulting organization serving government and private-sector clients.
  • Diane Christiansen
    • German *2009 update*: Is studying nursing at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, MI
  • Lauren Duthie
    • German/Political Science: Graduate School (Master of International Business) at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Australia.
  • Neil Forster
    • Chemistry/German (minor): Neil is in Medical School at the University of Toledo, OH
  • Gretchen Fuchs
    • German/Economy: *2009 update*: Gretchen is working as a Personal Banker at JP Morgan Chase in Chicago.
  • Meg Goebel
    • German/Sociology: *2009 update*: Meg is working as a bilingual master data analyst at Sun Chemical in Cincinnati, OH.
  • Brynn Howard
    • German/Art minor: Fulbright Teaching Fellow in Germany. *update 2009*: Brynn will be attending Wayne State University beginning this fall where she will be working on an advanced degree in Social Work and Counseling.
  • Katy Knight
    • German/Education: Customer Service Associate with Hewitt Associates. *2009 update*: Katy is engaged to be married on October 2010 and has moved to Charlotte, NC.
  • Chie Okada
    • German/Environmental Studies. Is still working in the Administration and Logistics Department of the Rohm Electronics company in Willich, Germany. She says: “my life in Germany goes well & I am happy with my decision.”
  • Kathleen Sims
    • German/Biology minor: *2009 update*: Kathleen is in Law School at Wayne State University.
  • Sam Sloma
    • German/Sociology: *2009 update*: Digital Project Manager at Team Detroit.

2006 Graduates Toggle Accordion

  • Rebecca Anthouard
    • German/Chemistry (Fulbright Teaching Award recipient. *update 2007/2009*: Rebecca is pursuing a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI.
  • Kara Christenson
    • German/English *2009 update*: Is living in Portland, OR and working at the Children’s Institute where she works on research and advocacy for early childhood education. Quote: “I do the “assisting” – editing, proofing, layout design, manage the office and the website, phones, mail, etc…”
  • Natalie Corbin
    • German/English (Fulbright Teaching Award recipient) *update 2007/2009*: MFA student at the University of Maryland
  • Diana Lancaster
    • German/Biology. *2009 update* Diana lives in Atlanta Georgia and is working at the aquarium.
  • Rachael Lyon
    • German/English. MFA student, George Mason University. *2009 update* Rachael was awarded a Research Fulbright to Vienna, Austria for 2009-2010. She will be working on research and translations of contemporary female Austrian poets.
  • Lizzy Anderson
    • (minor) German/Speech Communication.
  • Erin Stieve
    • (minor) is in Law School at Michigan State University.

2005 Graduates Toggle Accordion

  • Drew Mendrygal
    • German/Economics-Gerstacker Institute: *2009 update*: Drew is working as a Senior in Risk Advisory practice at Ernst & Young.
  • Marian Novak
    • German/Biology. Marian is a graduate student in Molecular and Biomedical Pharmacology at the U of Kentucky.
  • Ben Olbricht
    • German/Chemistry. Ben is a graduate student in Chemistry at the University of Washington, Seattle, WA.
  • Matt Walters
    • Political Science (Ford Institute) & German. Matt is an associate attorney for Lindsay, Rappaport & Postel, LLC.

2004 Graduates Toggle Accordion

  • Angela Baeckeroot
    • *2009 update* Angela is pursuing a Master of Social Work degree from Wayne State University.
  • Rebecca Bortz
  • Katie Evey
  • Niko Kanagawa
    • German (Fulbright Teaching Award recipient, for two years)
    • *2009 update*:After working as an Associate / Recruiter at RSMR Global Resources in Chicago, as well as International Programs Developer & Specialty Consultant at Older Persons’ Commission he is currently working at and for his Alma Mater, Albion College as part of the Admissions team.
  • Lucinda Reed
  • Jennifer Swindlehurst-Howland
    • German/Geology double major. Jennifer was a Master’s Student in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She is married to an Albion alum.
  • Ben Riegler
    • (minor) Got a Masters’s degree in Library Sciences from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and is currently working in retail.