Ethnic Studies

Draw on multiple disciplines to examine the creation and maintenance of ethnic identity in the United States and around the world.

Explore the specific histories, values, and contributions of the many constituent groups in the United States. Examine the factors that account for the creation and maintenance of ethnic identity, the development of ethnic stereotypes and prejudice, and the quality of ethnic relations. 

Ethnic Studies is both the comparative study of ethnicity and the study of the culture and history of particular ethnic groups within the United States and other countries. In our department, you’ll learn to think critically and identify the prejudices and assumptions that have shaped traditional scholarship in the academic disciplines–and then work to correct these biases. You’ll analyze current events and examine the implications of events in our history that have impacted ethnic relations. Then, you’ll put everything you’re learning into action through an internship, study, or research project with an ethnic community in the United States or abroad.

As a student of ethnic studies, you’ll develop a comprehensive knowledge of ethnic traditions and ethnic relations, a quality that will serve you well in many fields, including politics, social services, business, law, medicine, and psychology.

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Ethnic Studies Major and Minor

We all have stories of how we came to understand the impact of our ethnic identity and the ethnic identity of others. Learn to answer questions that our communities are wrestling with by exploring ethnicity through a variety of disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, and the arts. 

In class and through internships, you can learn the impact of hip hop on social change, the role of Black and Latinx literature in identifying social problems, and the origin stories of notable social movements.

Ethnic Studies Major and Minor

Ethnic Studies Courses

In our courses, you’ll develop an in-depth understanding of the intersecting burdens and privileges of ethnic identity. Explore courses offered by our department.


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