Chemistry and Biochemistry

Study life at a molecular level. Analyze data, design and conduct experiments, synthesize molecules, and undertake independent research.

Learn to solve chemical and biochemical problems. Think, act and communicate like a molecular scientist. Develop an understanding of new technology, the environmental implications of new laws, drug problems, and advances in health science.

As a department, we prioritize independent study both as a part of formal course work and in undergraduate research projects. As a student of chemistry or biochemistry, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue independent or collaborative research with close mentorship from faculty members.

Chemical technologies enrich our quality of life by providing new solutions to challenges in health, resources, and energy usage. Our rigorous curriculum will prepare you for professional work and graduate study in chemistry or biochemistry or provide a solid foundation for a career in fields such as medicine, health science, law, business, or education.

Chemistry and Biochemistry Courses

In our courses, you’ll study the behaviors of organic and inorganic materials, developing analytical and communication skills that will allow you to interpret and share your findings. Explore courses offered by our department and courses accepted for transfer credit.