Jeffrey C. Carrier

Emeritus Professor of Biology

B.S., University of Miami 1971
M.S., University of Miami 1973
Ph.D., University of Miami 1974

Appointed: 1979

Retired: 2010

Expertise Areas: Reproductive behaviors, and growth and movements of nurse sharks of the Florida Keys

Research Interests:

Dr. Carrier is a physiologist whose primary research interests concern aging, growth, migration, and reproductive biology of nurse sharks (Ginglymostoma cirratum) in the Florida Keys. Carrier and his colleagues have systematically studied a breeding population of sharks for more than eighteen years and have documented the relationship between the breeding population and the research site, now a protected area. The studies have further revealed the gestation period for this species, demonstrated multiple paternity in litters, and have begun to unravel an intricate social order in this little studied group of marine fish. His most recent investigations have employed remote sensing technologies to track short and long-term movements of sharks and, in collaboration with the Remote Imaging Laboratory of the National Geographic Society, have used animal-borne video and data recording systems (CritterCam) to explore more intimate aspects of shark mating behaviors. Carrier and his students have appeared in 17 shows produced for network and cable television ranging from National Geographic Explorer, CritterCam Chronicles, and Discovery Channel specials to Florida Public Television documentaries and segments for Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures and Fox’s Wild Animal Moments.