Marketing Management Major and Minor

Learn the connections between behavior and numbers, and the relationship between producers and consumers. Master the art of developing a consumer base and how best to communicate to them by analyzing market trends and important data. Understand the fundamentals of economics and explore the dynamics of healthy markets.

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Why Study Marketing Management at Albion?

You’ll be exposed to a myriad of disciplines such as communications, economics and mathematics. You’ll learn how to bring a unique perspective to the marketplace and develop consumer relationships. Our program pushes students so they can thrive in the workforce post-graduation.

What Will You Learn as a Marketing Management Major or Minor?

You’ll study the fundamentals of financial markets, microeconomics, and theory in order to design, analyze, and evaluate qualitative data results in marketing proposals.

You’ll become an effective communicator and learn how to craft compelling messages for your intended audiences and consumers.

You’ll sharpen your mathematical and research skills and learn to translate theory, formulas, and numbers into real behavioral data.

You’ll integrate tools from various fields of marketing to develop profitable marketing strategies.



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Gain real experience and explore potential careers through off-campus internships. In recent years, our students have interned for Goldman Sachs; NorthPointe Capital; Lawrence, Evans & Co. Investment Bank; Ernst & Young; Baird Investment Bank; Rehmann and Robson Accounting; Hartline Investment Company; PricewaterhouseCoopers; Quicken Loans; Pfizer; and Heitman Real Estate Investment.

Off-Campus Opportunities

Jessica Butchley with friends in Berlin, Germany

Gaining real-world experience while earning course credit. Participate in one of our many off-campus opportunities, such as the Philadelphia Center, that allows you to stay on track with your educational goals while building your resume and exploring your interests in an internship of your choice.

Gerstacker Institute

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The Carl A. Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management admits a class of 35-40 Albion students each year into its leadership development program. Apply for this institute, and upon acceptance, you and a small cohort of students will learn from former Albion alumni, professors, and industry professionals about resume writing, business etiquette, and more. 

Careers & Outcomes

Our program prepares students for their next steps after graduation and gives them opportunities to pursue their future goals through strong relationships with professors, alumni networking, and off-campus internships. Along with pursuing careers in business, law, and government, many students attend MBA programs and other professional or graduate schools.


Job Titles

  • Sales Manager
  • Marketing Research Analyst
  • Product Marketing Manager


  • Ernst and Young
  • Intel Corporation
  • JP Morgan Chase&Co
  • Quicken Loans