Educational Studies Minor

Study the intersection of education and society. Make unique connections and contextualize your major field of study through the lens of education and human development. Our educational studies minor offers a broad overview of education, youth development and engagement and public education policy.

Albion students listening to a lecture in a classroom setting.

Why Study Educational Studies at Albion?

As an educational studies minor at Albion, you’ll apply what you’re learning in the classroom to the classroom, observing and developing as an educator through your placement in a local school. Our education studies minor is designed to enhance students’ understanding of their major field of study and build practical and cultural competency, especially in the fields of community engagement, public policy, psychology and more. 

What Will You Learn as an Educational Studies Minor?

You’ll develop a well-rounded understanding of human development, especially as it relates to youth, family and education.

You’ll study the historical, social, political, multicultural and philosophical foundations of education and analyze different pedagogies.

You’ll learn how educational policy is developed and introduced–and then see its impact first-hand.

You’ll have the opportunity to be paired with an education mentor to gain a deeper understanding and awareness of the complexities of educational policy and issues.