Area Studies Minor

How do we make sense of our increasingly interconnected world? What skills do we need to thrive in the global marketplace? The International Studies (IS) Area Studies Minor offers an opportunity to learn about social, political, economic, historical, and cultural issues of a specific region of the world without requiring a study-abroad semester.

Two students having a discussion around a laptop computer.

Why Study Area Studies at Albion?

As an Area Studies Minor, you’ll study social, political, economic, and historical forces at work in a specific geographical region or country. You’ll learn how to function effectively in a globalized world by acquiring language skills and studying cultural humility and competency. 

Our liberal arts approach creates a specifically tailored educational experience for our students, allowing you to design a path of study that’s right for you. You’ll choose courses that specifically relate to your area of interest, developing a rich knowledge of a region of the world.  

What Will You Learn as an Area Studies Minor?

The IS Area Studies Minor requires five units of courses consisting of a gateway introductory course and four other courses in the geographical region of a student’s choice. In addition, there is a language proficiency cognate that can be satisfied by either testing out of or taking a 202-level course in the language of your selected region.

You will be able to analyze international issues.

You will be able to explain the similarities and differences between your own cultures/societies and those of people in other countries.

You will be able to demonstrate interactive skills with people of different cultural backgrounds and spoken languages.