From the Director's Desk

Dear Alums,

Welcome to the Alumni section of our new Web site. If you look through our Web site you can learn about our most recent Honors events and find descriptions of current Honors classes. Your feedback and suggestions for improvement are welcome!

Although we still adhere to the basic format of four required Honors courses plus a thesis, the number and diversity of the classes has grown to the point where this year we are offering 20-plus different Honors sections and we now have over 35 theses produced each year!

If you are ever in the neighborhood, please stop in and say hello.  We have redecorated the Honors Library to a more comfortable lounge/study area. Our more than 240 Honors students use the old Observatory as their second home—having 24-hour access works very well for them.

I would also like to discuss with you meaningful ways to involve you in our program and have you share your ideas and expertise with current students. Why not drop us a line or a note on Facebook?


Dr. Lia Jensen-Abbott