Honors Overview

  • Designed for students interested in challenges and opportunities that go beyond those offered by traditional lecture and laboratory courses.
  • Small, distinctive, interdisciplinary classes that emphasize discussion, writing and encourage independent thinking.
  • Independent research and individualized faculty mentoring, all PMB Honors Program graduates culminate their academic experience with an extensive research or creative project.
  • Participation in the Program may be combined with any major and with any of Albion’s career preparation programs. Every major and Institute on campus is represented in the Honors Program.
  • All Honors classes fulfill regular core requirements— no extra requirements, no extra classes. The requirement is to take 4 Honors courses in your first two years.
  • Field trips to popular cultural events, 1st year retreat, guest lecturers, many student initiated social events.
  • 24 hour access to the Honors Center is just one of the perks that Honors students will enjoy

Our Honors Students:

  • Have broad interests
  • Are ready and eager to think for themselves and engage in meaningful converstations
  • Have good academic skills and discipline
  • Enjoy being in classes with other students who share their excitement for learning
  • 80% of all Honors Students go on to Graduate / Professional Schools after graduation