Why CSE?

Be an environmental and social changemaker!

A group of CSE students standing behind a bench stacked with bright orange pumpkins and yellow squash

The Center for Sustainability and the Environment (CSE) expands students’ learning beyond the traditional classroom, encourages personal growth, and prepares students for their post-college life. Students learn how sustainable practices benefit more than just the environment as well as how to enact positive change within their communities. Students explore their connections with the natural world and build connections with Albion College and beyond. They are supported to take on leadership, internship, and project-based learning opportunities.


The goal of CSE is to learn about and engage in environmental and sustainability activities.  

To maintain membership, a CSE student commits to a minimum of ten points of engagement or ten hours of engagement each semester.  Near the end of each semester, CSE members will document and briefly reflect on their points or hours of engagement using a short form.  

Below is a list of activities that can count for student engagement. The activities should have a natural world, environmental, or sustainability focus or connection.  Activities include:

  • Attendance at CSE/Earth & Environment colloquium events
  • Employment with CSE or the Whitehouse Nature Center
  • CSE-approved internship 
  • Albion’s innovation badges
  • Leadership or participation in applied project 
  • Research or creative activity 
  • Service learning or service project
  • Environmental field trip
  • Green Day attendance or tabling
  • Earth & Environment Club activities
  • Leadership in another club that is aligned with CSE objectives
  • Work at the student farm or Albion Community Gardens
  • WNC events 
  • Living in the Sustainability ILC 
  • Career development events 
  • Attendance at other events posted on CSE’s calendar. 
  • An experience (not on this list) that is approved by CSE staff