Mission, Vision, and Student Learning Outcomes


The Center for Sustainability and the Environment (CSE) empowers students to be environmental and social change-makers. CSE emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to critical thinking and action, with a focus on environmentalism, social justice, and immediate and extended community engagement.


CSE aims to be a national model for sustainable and environmental engagement. With the continued growth of knowledge about environmental and social systems, CSE adapts its practices in support of current principles. We recognize that as humans we are part of the natural world and have an interdependent relationship with it. We have a responsibility to not only preserve natural resources but to help them flourish. We strive to address environmental problems by working locally with all those affected. We center equity and belonging as an integral part of sustainability. We believe that all people possess the ability to learn and grow from each other, developing mutually beneficial partnerships on a path towards environmental wellness.

Student Learning Outcomes

CSE students will be able to:

  • Analyze sustainability issues and solutions through a social justice lens
  • Articulate their personal social responsibility with respect to sustainability
  • Recognize how to engage with local and extended community partners in order to foster mutually beneficial relationships
  • Design and carry out a sustainability or environmental project
  • Appraise career opportunities in relation to sustainability and the environment