Chance Meetings

New Year’s Eve in Prague, Czech Republic. Chuck Coutteau, ’16 was heading back to his hotel when, 4,000 miles from home, he ran into a fellow Brit.

Chuck Coutteau ’16 and Josh Van Laan, ’14

Chuck Coutteau, ’16 and Josh Van Laan, ’14

Chuck Coutteau, ’16 shares his unexpected Albion is Everywhere moment:

One of the last places you would expect to run into a Brit is on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.  In 2016, I was spending the Christmas holiday in Europe and ringing in the New Year in the city of Prague in the Czech Republic.  Once the clock struck midnight and my group took in the fireworks festivities in Wenceslas Square, we headed to another bar to continue the celebration.

At one point I was separated from the group and began my chilly walk back to the hotel. I turned the corner and came face to face with what appeared to be a familiar face, but surely not. It couldn’t be a fellow Brit — could it?

Hesitantly, I called out from across the street, “Hey, Josh?” The person stopped, turned, and replied, “Chuck?”

Over 4,000+ miles from Michigan, and I ran into Josh Van Laan, ’14 on a random street corner in Prague, CR!

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