Building Connections

Patricia Vicary, ’79 and Sandra Hebson Hernbroth, ’79 found that you just can’t run away from Albion College!

Purple Albion pennant against a blue sky backdrop.

Patricia Vicary, ’79 and Sandra Hebson Hernbroth, ’79 found an Albion Everywhere connection to last a lifetime:

The running coach’s smile quickly turned to a look of surprise. “You didn’t go to Albion College, did you?!” she exclaimed. Puzzled at first, I realized the Albion sweatshirt I’d worn to my Pleasanton, California gym had given me away. 

As we compared stories on that day in the mid-2000s, Sandie Hebson Hernbroth and I discovered that, while our time at Albion in the 1970s had overlapped, we’d never actually met. 

Since that day we’ve crossed paths countless times while I’m power walking around town and encounter Sandie while she leads her clients on training runs. Recently, that connection proved especially valuable to me. When I wrote a book about power walking, I knew just where to turn for some expert advice!

Albion is Everywhere!

The bonds you form at Albion College are lifelong. As other graduates may have helped you, so can you help others. A business introduction, some sage advice for a recent graduate – you have so many ways to share with others.  Your financial support helps to provide that Albion Experience to current and future students. We celebrated our 187th birthday on Wednesday! 

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Please share your own Albion Everywhere story now. Even if you’ve never met each other, Albion alums have an instant connection just because of your shared experiences. And if it’s someone you actually know – all the better. We love to hear your stories!