1. Credit is granted in CR/NC courses if the student receives a grade of 2.0 or better.
  2. A grade of NR, No Report, means that the instructor has not yet turned in a grade. Students with questions concerning this grade should contact the instructor.
  3. A grade of P means “In Progress”, and is to be used only when a directed study or honors thesis is to be extended through the next continuous Albion College semester. Students are to be registered for, and working on, the project both semesters. The student receives the same grade for both semesters.
  4. Incomplete grades, “I”, are issued at the discretion of the instructor, for extenuating circumstances and are due as follows: seven weeks after the end of each semester. Exact dates are listed in the Academic Calendar on the Registrar webpage. Students requesting an extension of the Incomplete deadline must submit a petition with this request prior to the deadline date.
  5. Only first year students, students on probation, and upper class students receiving grades below 2.0 receive midterm grades. Students may view their grades via ACIS.
  6. Students who feel they have been unfairly graded, should use the following redress process.
    1. Contact the course instructor regarding the grade first
    2. Contact the department Chair if you are dissatisfied
    3. Contact the Provost if the concern remains unresolved
    4. See your student handbook for exact procedures