Campus Planning Committee


Established in 2022 as a vehicle to advise the President and Board of Trustees, the Committee is charged with making recommendations regarding long-range campus development. Recommendations shall align and be in compliance with the current Campus Plan (currently in Draft status).


The committee shall advise the President and Board of Trustees on issues affecting the physical facilities of the College. Major areas of responsibility include reviewing and making recommendations concerning master planning, new building and major remodeling projects, establishing construction priorities, site selections, circulation (transportation), land use and related planning matters. (Major remodeling shall be defined as a project with a budget of more than $250,000.) Pursuant to this charge, the committee also shall make recommendations regarding priorities in the allocation of the Annual Capital Budget as well as short term and three to five year capital planning priorities.

Specific duties include:

  • Serve as the authoritative body to select an Architect of Record to finish, modify or otherwise develop a Campus Master Plan.
  • Prepare and oversee proposed updates to the Campus Plan in conjunction with the Architect of Record.
  • Reviewing proposed development project designs for compliance with the Campus Plan.
  • Serve as the selection committee for Architects for new structures, major remodels and development plans.
  • Review/recommend policy issues related to transportation projects.
  • Preparing an annual report submitted to the President and Executive Cabinet for review and comment.
  • Make recommendations to the President and the Board of Trustees on major campus planning issues as appropriate.

The committee shall work closely with the Campus Space Planning Committee, Residential Master Planning Committee and any other committees that involve decision making that fall within the purview to this committee’s charge.

Committee Member Requirement

Co-Chair positions are filled by title roles consisting of the CFO and the Design and Construction Manager for the College. (The Design and Construction Manager shall sit on the Campus Space Planning Committee and the Residential Master Planning Committee to provide coordination and alignment between planning projects as needed.) Other positions filled by title roles are VP for Institutional Advancement, Provost (or designee), VP for Student Development (or designee), VP of Marketing and Communication (or designee) and Director of Facilities Operations.

Members at large shall include:

  • Faculty appointee from Budgets, Salaries and Benefits Committee
  • Faculty appointee from Curriculum and Resource Committee
  • Appointee from Staff Council
  • One Ex-officio non-voting member for administrative support.

The committee shall meet as scheduled, but no less than once a month. Meeting minutes shall be recorded and posted on the Project Management Office website (once completed).

Notification of meeting shall be no less than two weeks in advance.

Committee Members

  • Lisa Lewis, Interim Provost
  • Leroy Wright, VP for Student Development
  • Marc Newman, VP for institutional Advancement
  • Nate Salazar, Director of Facilities Operations
  • TBD, (Curriculum and Resource Committee)
  • Jill Marie Mason, (Director of the Library and Head of Library Systems and Technology)
  • Nancy Chapman, (Staff Council)
  • Jennifer Selleck, (Ex-officio)