Person standing on the edge of a cliff over looking fog.

Bonjour, Grenoble! The Alps locale is among the French off-campus programs available.

Sara standing in front of a building covered in leaves.

Sara Sample, '15, is pursuing Sustainability Studies and French at UVSQ, outside Paris.

Sara standing in a doorway near the beach.

Sarah Strong on Gorée Island in Senegal

Marceline and Maggie standing beside a statue. The girls and the statue all have their tongues sticking out.

Marceline Redick and Maggie Fowler having fun on vacation in Europe during their semester in Grenoble.

Victoria standing in front of a train with her luggage in hand.

Victoria Smith arriving in Grenoble.

Sunny Kim standing in front of a building in Paris.

Sunny Kim, '20 enjoys a day in Paris as part of the BU Paris Internship Program.

Bria is wearing an apron and is holding the sides of a food dish.

Briar Flanagan gets yummy cooking lesson in Paris as part of her off-campus experience!

Elizabeth sitting at a booth with information about William Dartmouth.

Elizabeth White recently completed a semester in Brussels, Belgium where she interned at the European Union.

Sister City delegation represents Noisy-Le-Roi, France at President's inauguration.

Nick is wearing a yellow shirt and sitting next to someone wearing body paint.

French Major Nick Diamond studying in Senegal, interning in public health and having fun!

Traveling to our African home, Batchingou, Cameroon.

Student laying in a huge pile of clothes on top of a table.

Interning with a Parisian designer learning the ropes of haute couture.

Group of people talking to one another.

Chatting with French visitors from our Sister Cities, Noisy-le-Roi and Bailly.

Just doing Versailles as part of the First-Year Seminar trip to France.

Enjoying a French Renaissance Night at Albion College.

Mega-Cultural Event on the Caribbean, with Professor Yewah and Abby Schonfeld, '11.

Making the Tire d'Érable as part of the Québec class.

Kelly is standing in front of a display of wedding cakes.

Kelly Kobus, '07, a French major who now owns a chic French-inspired bakery.

Mark Cardy, '16 at The Grand Place or Grote Markt, the central square of Brussels.

Right to left: Dr. Dianne Guenin-Lelle, Bouchra Ben-Hami, Gavin Hedin '15, Laura Steavenson '15, and a French guy photo bombing the picture.

Group of students holding an Albin flag in France.

First Year Experience trip to France, December 2016.

Julia standing in front of the Eiffel tower

Julia Henry, '19, enjoying free time in Paris on her internship program in the summer of 2017.

Africa: Myth and Reality

Students who take Dr. Yewah’s First Year Experience Seminar, Africa: Myth and Reality, travel to Batchingou, Cameroon. Batchingou is the village in which Dr. Yewah grew up. Because of his relationship to the village, the students he brings to visit are immediately welcomed into the community and are allowed to meet the villagers as they live day to day. Along with dinners hosted by Chief Andre Flaubert Nana, students spend time with local school children and share a bit of their American culture with them. Activities include, but are not limited to, exploring the Museum of Civilization, shopping at the Handicraft Center in Dschang, touring the interior of Cameroon, driving to the coast, and visiting a chocolate factory.

Cameroon Trip 2018

Cameroon Trip 2018

Cameroon Trip 2018

Cameroon Trip 2018

Cameroon Trip 2018

Cameroon Trip 2018

Cameroon Trip 2018

Cameroon Trip 2016

Cameroon Trip 2016

Cameroon Trip 2016

Cameroon Trip 2016

Cameroon Trip 2016

Cameroon Trip 2016

Cameroon Trip 2016

Albion's Sister Cities

20th Anniversary of the Sister-City Relationship with Noisy-le-Roi/ Bailly, France

To learn more about the Sister-City Delegation and the celebrations for the 20th anniversary of the Sister-City relationship, click the links below:

Students from Noisy le Roi and Bailly Visit Campus

Students from Albion’s Sister Cities, Noisy le Roi and Bailly, France arrived in town for the 8th Annual Albion College Piano Festival, October 30 – November 1, 2015. The festival is a competition hosted by the Music Department. Early beginners up to advanced players and piano duos can win cash prizes. But for the participants, the Festival is equally about performing, meeting and hearing other students, and taking lessons/master classes from Albion Faculty and guest artists.

In between practicing and lessons, our young French guests spent a day visiting Dr. Dianne Guenin-Lelle’s and Dr. Emmanuel Yewah’s French classes. They shared what life is like for them in France, they ate in Lower Baldwin, played Bocce on the Campus Quad, and attended a Goûters at Fiske House, home of the international living and learning program.

French Cinema Festival at Albion's Historic Bohm Theater

In November of 2017, to encourage our educational and cultural relationship with our Sister Cities in France (Noisy-le-Roi and Bailly), we screened French Cinema and French-related films at the historic Bohm Theater in Albion. The matinees were free and open to the public.

International Students Show Their Support After the Paris Attacks on Friday, November.

Big Read Kickoff

French students in cooperation with the French Sister City Committee participated in the Big Read Kickoff. There was the Eiffel Tower in the parade, then lessons on making French magic wands, or “Baguettes magiques.” In spite of the rain, wind and cold, the day was very amusant!!

Big Read Kickoff

Big Read Kickoff

Big Read Kickoff

Kids at Hope

Students in advanced French courses step outside of the classroom to teach kids in the community French.

More First-Year Experiences with French

Albion College students launched The Nwagni Project, which builds schools in Cameroon.

To France and Back First-Year Experience Student Blogs

Read more about First-Year Experience seminars that have been offered by professors of French in the Modern Languages and Cultures Department.

The Nwagni Project

Visit the Project blog to learn how Albion College students launched the effort in Cameroon and read a recent newsletter.