Campus Facilities

Science Complex

Aerial photo of a large brick academic building on Albion College's campus.The Earth and Environment Department is housed in the first and ground floors of Palenske and Putnam Halls of the Albion College Science Complex, renovated/built in 2006. The complex includes four buildings connected on four levels with a four-story atrium at its center. Key features of the department include:

  • State-of-the-art teaching/research laboratories
  • Extensive mineral/fossil/rock and map collections
  • Laboratory instrumentation, including ICP-AES, XRF, and XRD spectrometers
  • Abundant field sampling and surveying equipment
  • Geology Shop for sample preparation

Seven Teaching Laboratories Toggle Accordion

  • Four students sitting in a row at a table with microscopes in front of them.2 Introductory Geology Labs
  • J Harlen Bretz Surficial Geology Lab, with three 3’x7′ stream tables, a 12′ hydrologic flume, 10 Leica stereomicroscopes, soils analysis equipment, and  nine TOPCON MS-3 mirror stereoscopes
  • R.G. Clark GIS Remote Sensing Laboratory with 13 Dell PCs, ArcGIS and ENVI software
  • Environmental Geology and Geochemistry Lab
  • General Advanced Lab
  • Mineralogy/Petrology lab with new Leica student petrographic microscopes and a research-grade Olympus petrographic scope with imaging capabilities

Research Laboratories Toggle Accordion

  • Three students standing at a table with rocks on it. A fourth student on the right is sitting at a desk on the computer.L.D. Taylor Undergraduate Research Laboratory
  • Dow Analytical Laboratory
  • Six dedicated faculty research laboratories

Analytical Instruments Toggle Accordion

  • Inductively coupled plasma/atomic emission spectrometer model JY-38-S
  • X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
  • Rigaku RIX 2100X-ray diffractometer
  • SediGraph 5100 particle analyzer

Field Sampling and Surveying Equipment Toggle Accordion

  • YSI flowtracker current meter
  • Isco 6712 Automated Sampler
  • Two Pygmy AA USGS Current Meters with Wadding Rods and Aqua Calc
  • YSI  6600 Multi-Parameter Water Quality Monitor
  • 2 YSI 600 Optical Multi-Parameter Sonde
  • Two Quanta Water Quality Meters
  • 8 Solinst Leveloggers
  • Leica Total Station
  • 2 Advantage Laser Atlanta Laser Range Finders
  • GPS units
  • Over 50 Brunton Compasses

Geology Shop Toggle Accordion

  • A long cabinet with a sink and small items on shelves.Logitec CL30 Precision Lapping Machine
  • Tile Master rock saw
  • Logitec CW30 Trim Saw
  • Comco Micro Blaster
  • Two Lab Ovens
  • Carver Pellet Hydraulic Press
  • Spex 4200 Jaw Crusher
  • Two Spex Mixer/Mills
  • Isomet Low Speed Saw
  • Frantz Magnetic Separator

Rock/Mineral/Fossil & Map Collections Toggle Accordion

A long, skinny room. The left side is lined with cabinets and the right side has a low counter that runs the length of the room. Large rocks cover the surface of the counter.    A cabinet with an open drawer full of rocks.