Anthropology and Sociology

Study the foundations of culture, tradition, and humankind.

Learn about the ways that we interact with one another within the different social structures we have created. Study the roots and histories behind some of the challenges, realities, and systems that we face today.

Anthropology and sociology are two distinct disciplines, tied together by the common thread of studying the origin of humankind and studying its behavior. Our courses give students a diverse selection of topics that range from studying race or sexuality to media or religion, all with the goal to better understand our humanity and how we interact within these systems. We emphasize the importance of research skills that foster students’ intellectual abilities to master the applications of anthropology and sociology to prepare them for graduate school, for employment, and to bring about positive change in the world.

Anthropology and Sociology Courses

Anthropology and sociology are distinct disciplines united by a common interest in understanding humans and their communities. In our courses, you’ll develop an understanding of the human condition across the full range of human global diversity—past and present. Explore courses offered by our department and courses accepted for transfer credit.

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Conduct Your Own Research

As a student, you will be encouraged to conduct your own original research. 

Through research, you will develop academic and professional skills while exploring topics that you are passionate about. Throughout the experience, you will be able to interact, learn from, and work closely with faculty members and a committee of scholars. 

You’ll formulate and execute your own study and then turn your findings into a senior thesis.

Student Research

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