Academic Accommodations

At Albion College, we are committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive academic environment for all students. Our accessibility services office aims to provide equal opportunities for success. Services such as exam proctoring and note-taking assistance are available to ensure that students with diverse learning needs can thrive in their academic pursuits. If you require any specific accommodations, please reach out to our accessibility services staff, and we will work collaboratively to meet your unique requirements.

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Housing Accommodations

Albion College recognizes the importance of an accessible living environment that caters to individual needs. Our housing accommodations strive to create an inclusive residential experience. Options include single-occupancy room assignments, distinct floor placements, and permissions for window air conditioning units. Additionally, we understand the significance of support animals in enhancing well-being; therefore, we have processes in place to accommodate their presence in our residential community. If you have specific housing accommodation needs, please contact residential accommodations with your Area Coordinator (AC) or the Office of Accessibility Services.

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