Spanish Major and Minor

Gain the necessary skills to effectively communicate in spoken and written Spanish, while exploring the diverse cultures and histories of Latin America, Spain and the Latino/a communities of the United States. The Spanish program welcomes students at all levels of fluency and from all backgrounds. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, heritage or a native speaker, we are excited to have you join our community.

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Why Study Spanish at Albion?

Spanish is the official language of 20 countries, and it is spoken by more than 52 million people in the United States. By studying Spanish at Albion, you will go beyond traditional language classes to learn about the complexity and diversity of the Spanish-speaking world.

On campus, you will experience the richness of Spanish-language cultures by interacting with our Native Speaker Teaching Assistants, living in our language-learning house (I-Space), and attending our yearly events and festivals. You will also have the opportunity to study off campus, and participate in internships in Spanish-speaking countries as well as Spanish-speaking communities in the United States.

What Will You Learn as a Spanish Major?

It depends on what you need! We offer classes for all types of students. Whether you need to learn the language from scratch, want to practice what you already know, or you are completely fluent, we have classes for you. Regardless of your level of fluency, in our classes you will learn about the histories, literatures, and art of Spanish-speaking cultures.

If you grew up speaking Spanish, you can read more about our Heritage Language Program.

Teacher Certification with a Spanish Major

Interested in teaching? Pair your Spanish major (or minor) with an Education Concentration to be eligible for your Michigan Department of Education teaching certificate.


Program Highlights

Experience Opportunities

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By learning or improving your Spanish, you will be acquiring an essential skill for careers in a globalized world. You will also better understand the multicultural realities of life and work in the United States—the country with the second largest Spanish-speaking population in the world. 

At Albion, you will have plenty of opportunities to practice and master your Spanish, and to interact with people from Spanish-speaking countries: through weekly conversation tables with Native Speaker Teaching Assistants, living in the I-Space, off-campus study, internships, and yearly events and festivals.

Off-Campus Study

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A semester or even a year studying off-campus can be a life-changing experience. Through the Center for International Education, Albion offers a wide range of well-established programs and will help you every step of the way in choosing the right program for you.

Scholarships and Awards

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Students at all levels of study can participate in the Jean Keller Writing Contest. Every spring we offer the following awards:

  • The best three essays written by students enrolled in a 100-level course.
  • The best three poetry performances by students enrolled in a 200-level course.
  • The best three essays written by Second Language Learners enrolled at the 300 level.
  • The best three essays written by Heritage Speakers of Spanish.

Honors Thesis

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Spanish majors who are also members of the College’s Prentiss M. Brown Honors Program can construct an original research project as a capstone to their undergraduate studies at Albion. Eighty percent of Honors students go on to graduate or professional school after graduation.

Careers & Outcomes

Your knowledge of Spanish and Latino/a cultures will prepare you for all kinds of careers across the globe. Today more than ever, there is a great need for individuals who can speak Spanish and English. In fact, 85% of U.S. employers report that they need Spanish-speaking workers ( Students with a broad range of academic interests often double major, given that a major in Spanish is a useful complement to all other majors.


Job Titles & Employers

  • Analytic Linguist, MVM, Inc. Management Consulting
  • National Director of Refugee & Immigrant Children’s Services, Bethany Christian Center
  • Physician, Sparrow Health System
  • Program Analyst, Gates Ventures
  • Marketing Manager, S-Docs
  • Certified Nursing Assistant, Medilodge of Howell
  • Case Investigator, MIchigan Public Health Institute
  • Financial Advisor, Michigan Financial Companies
  • Referrals Clerk, Prairie Quest Management Consulting
  • Client Services Coordinator, Education Partners at Pri-Med (Boston, MA)
  • Pastor, Hopkins United Methodist Church
  • Spanish Teacher, Harper Creek High School
  • Mathematics Teacher, Battle Creek Public Schools

Graduate Schools

  • Michigan State University
  • Ohio State University