Sleight Leadership Fellows Program

Albion College students at William G. Milliken State Park and Harbor in Detroit.

“Emerging Leadership in Detroit’s Economic Recovery”

“Emerging Leadership in Detroit’s Economic Recovery”

The Sleight Leadership Fellows Program provides an intense leadership skills enhancement experience for Albion College sophomores. The program consists of a five-day, in-residence program that immerses students in cutting-edge leadership models and experiences through classwork, hands-on learning, and small work-group projects. The Sleight Fellowship provides a curricular component to leadership training at Albion College with the specific intent of developing personal skills. The benefits, however, reach beyond the participants of the program as the Fellows share their skills with their peers, in and out of the classroom.

In January of each year, up to twenty students, led by two faculty, take residence in the historic Ft. Shelby Hotel in downtown Detroit. The days are long – starting early and going to 10:00 pm. Students examine Detroit’s history, its current status, and the emerging leadership that is guiding the city’s recovery. Students work in small groups on research/presentation projects of their own design that directly impact Detroit’s economic viability.

Outcome assessments of previous years’ projects demonstrated an extremely high level of satisfaction with the class and a strong dedication to being part of Detroit’s recovery.