Marco Colmenares

Major: History, Political Science
Concentrations: Public Policy and Service (Ford)
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

With what organizations are you involved on campus?

  • International Student Union
  • Organization for Latinx Awareness
  • Art Club
  • Albion College Democrats

Why did you choose Ford?

I chose Ford because it’s more than just a program to add to my resume; it’s a family, a community. I have a support system within the Ford Institute and have never regretted my decision to join.

What current issue/topic is important to you?

I am passionate about diversity and acceptance for all types of students here on campus.

In what ways have you been involved with this cause at Albion?

I am a part of several cultural clubs on campus to bring different cultures together. I believe some people are afraid of what is different. I’d like to expose these cultures and build bridges within the community – not walls.

What has been the most influential moment for you thus far at Albion College?

Being accepted into the community of Albion has been my most influential moment here. Coming from San Francisco and being used to different community, Albion has welcomed me with open arms and has turned this great college into a home.

What do you envision yourself doing after Albion?

I see myself as a lawyer in my home city of San Francisco; defending those who wouldn’t be able to afford a lawyer.

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