Patrick Schefsky

Attorney, Poznak Dyer Kanar Garchow PLC

Albion Major: Political Science
Albion Minor: English

JD, Michigan State University College of Law

Patrick Schefsky graduated from Midland High School in 2002 and began studies at Albion in the fall of the same year. During his time with the Ford Institute, he conducted an internship in Washington, D.C. working in the office of Senator Debbie Stabenow, an experience he describes as one of the more memorable times of his life. After graduating from Albion College cum laude in 2006, he worked with the Michigan Democratic Party as the Deputy Research Director during the 2006 elections. He enrolled at MSU College of Law in 2007, graduating cum laude in 2010. Patrick worked at Currie Kendall PLC in Midland until 2013, and since January of 2014 has been employed at Poznak Dyer Kanar Garchow PLC.

With what organizations were you involved as an Albion College student?

  • Sigma Nu

What is a memorable moment from your time in the Ford Institute?

Our trip to Washington DC, visiting lobbyist offices, AmeriCorps, and the Capitol.

What advice would you give to current and prospective students?

Keep connections with Albion alumni, both contemporaneous, past and future. Opportunities can arise from just that one connection, and the name on the degree holds some weight, even as far as the East Coast.

How have Albion and the Ford Institute prepared you for your current career?

The teaching style at Albion and the Ford Institute forged critical thinking and problem-solving skills which relate well to my role as a civil litigation attorney.

What is the outlook for positions and opportunities within your field?

The outlook for attorney jobs is a difficult question to answer, as it differs with each location and field. There may be more opportunity in firms in smaller towns than with bigger firms. Since about 2008, big firms hiring has been drastically different than it previously was.

What did you do for your Ford internship?

I interned at Senator Stabenow’s office in Washington DC. It was thoroughly enjoyable. I helped in researching for policy initiatives, had contact with constituents, attended committee hearings, and met many influential and powerful people in government. A particularly memorable moment was when there was an “unidentified package” located in the Dirksen Senate Office Building, and the entire compound had to evacuate. While somewhat frightening, it is most memorable to me as I had to carry five visitors’ bags with us, as they were at that time on a tour of the Capitol and had stashed their belongings in the office. Such is the life of an intern. I made many connections I still am in contact with today, and it directly led to my job with the campaign in 2006 after graduating from Albion.

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