Board of Trustees

The function of the Board of Trustees of Albion College is to establish the goals of the College, determine its major features and policies, approve their implementation, and provide for the effective support, administration, and advancement of the College. The Board, in its responsibility for the College, is committed to the fulfillment of the academic needs and personal development of Albion students within the interests of society and its spiritual heritage.

The Board consists of up to 33 Board-elected members. The membership includes up to six trustees representing the United Methodist Church, which has been historically related to the College since the College's founding in 1835, as well as two recent graduates elected to serve staggered, two-year terms. Term limits for trustees will normally be four terms of three years each (a total of 12 years), subject to positive evaluations.

Three full Board meetings—in October, February, and May—are held annually, with an option for an additional meeting during the summer by teleconference. Current members of the Board are listed below, including the year their terms expire. Following the year is an uppercase letter code: T—elected by the Board of Trustees; A—elected by the Albion College Alumni Association; D—elected by the Detroit Conference of the United Methodist Church; WM—elected by the West Michigan Conference of the United Methodist Church; R—recent graduate trustee; RF—retired faculty trustee.

J. Donald Sheets, '82, Albion College Board of TrusteesJ. Donald Sheets, ’82

Vice Chairman (retired)
Dow Corning Corp.
Midland, Michigan (2018 T)
Chair of the Board

Kevin Asher, '86, Albion College Board of TrusteesKevin F. Asher, ’86

Partner, Assurance Services
Ernst and Young, LLP
San Jose, California (2019 T)

David Bard, Bishop, United Methodist Church, Michigan AreaDavid A. Bard

Michigan Area, United Methodist Church
Lansing, Michigan (2018)

Joseph S. Calvaruso, '78, Albion College Board of TrusteesJoseph S. Calvaruso, ’78

Executive Director
Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation
Grand Rapids, Michigan (2021 T)

Diane S. Carr, '81, Albion College Board of TrusteesDiane S. Carr, ’81

Attorney (retired)
Brookover, Carr & Schaberg, PC
Marco Island, Florida (2019 A)
Co-Chair, Trusteeship Committee

Stephen M.G. Charnley, Albion College Board of TrusteesStephen M.G. Charnley

First United Methodist Church
Kalamazoo, Michigan (2019 WM)

Mauri A. Ditzler, president, Albion CollegeMauri A. Ditzler

Albion College
Albion, Michigan

Mae Ola DunklinMae Ola Dunklin

Director (retired)
Albion College Shurmur Center
  for Teacher Development
Albion, Michigan (2021 T)

Alena Farooq, '18, Albion College Board of TrusteesAlena Farooq, ’18

Program Associate
Urban Alliance
Detroit, Michigan

Faith Fowler, '81, Albion College Board of TrusteesFaith E. Fowler, ’81

Executive Director
Cass Community Social Services
Detroit, Michigan (2019 D)

Stephen Greenhalgh, '74, Albion College Board of TrusteesStephen I. Greenhalgh, ’74

Bodman, LLP
Detroit, Michigan (2020 A)
Chair, Infrastructure Committee

Douglas Goering, Albion College Board of TrusteesDouglas Goering

Professor of Art, Emeritus
Albion College
Flint, Michigan (2021 RF)

Kate Hao, '99, Albion College Board of TrusteesKate Hao, ’99

Founder and CEO
Happy Mango
New York, New York

Michael J. Harrington, '85, Albion College Board of TrusteesMichael J. Harrington, ’85

Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Eli Lilly and Company
Indianapolis, Indiana (2021 T)
Chair, Institutional Advancement Committee

Paul Huth, , Albion College Board of TrusteesPaul Huth, ’77

Huth Lynett
Detroit, Michigan

Madison Kase, 18, Albion College Board of TrusteesMadison Kase, ’18

Corporate Management
The Kroger Company
Detroit, Michigan

Thomas L. Ludington, '76, Albion College Board of TrusteesThomas L. Ludington, ’76

United States District Court
Bay City, Michigan (2020 T)
Chair, Finance & Business Affairs Committee

Brian McPheely, '78, Albion College Board of TrusteesBrian McPheely, ’78

Pratt Industries, Inc.
Conyers, Georgia

Joanne (Joey) Miller, '75, Albion College Board of TrusteesJoanne (Joey) Miller, ’75

Vice President, IT
Magna International, Inc.
Kalamazoo, Michigan (2020 T)

Mark E. Newell, '77, Albion College Board of TrusteesMark E. Newell, ’77

Vice Chairman (retired)
Latham & Watkins, LLP
McLean, Virginia (2019 T)
Chair, Enrollment and Marketing Committee

Jeffrey A. Ott, '86, Albion College Board of TrusteesJeffrey A. Ott, ’86

Warner Norcross & Judd, LLP
Grand Rapids, Michigan (2021 T)

Jeffrey C. Petherick, '85, Albion College Board of TrusteesJeffrey C. Petherick, ’85

Portfolio Manager
Northpointe Capital
Troy, Michigan (2020 T)
Chair, Investment Committee

Lawrence B. Schook, '72, Albion College Board of TrusteesLawrence B. Schook, ’72

Vice President for Research
University of Illinois
Urbana, Illinois (2021 T)
Chair, Academic & Student Affairs Committee

Samuel J. Shaheen, '88, Albion College Board of TrusteesSamuel J. Shaheen, ’88

Saginaw, Michigan (2020 T)

Ethan Sutton, '17, Albion College Board of TrusteesEthan Sutton, ’17

Staff, Advisory Services
Ernst & Young, LLP
Hastings, Michigan (2019 R)

Dennis W. Wahr, '74, Albion College Board of TrusteesDennis W. Wahr, ’74

President and CEO
Holaira, Inc.
Plymouth, Minnesota (2019 T)

Jeffrey D. Weedman, '75, Albion College Board of TrusteesJeffrey D. Weedman, ’75

CEO/CBW (retired)
Cincinnati, Ohio (2020 T)
Co-Chair, Trusteeship Committee

Michael E. Williams, '78, Albion College Board of TrusteesMichael E. Williams, ’78

President and CEO
Orchards Children's Services
Southfield, Michigan (2021 A)