Our Community

In order to protect both our campus and our local community, Albion has partnered with a number of local businesses that have agreed to participate in full testing of all employees. This will reduce risk of infection entering from outside or an infection on campus spreading to the community.

Together Safely Business Partners

We are proud to work with these businesses below who are committed to the Albion community and will safely offer food and services to Albion students. Students do not need to use the off-campus travel form in order to leave campus to visit these businesses, and we encourage students and visiting families to patronize them.

In addition, all drive-thru options within the city limits of Albion are approved for students:

  • Arby's
  • Biggby
  • Homestead Savings Bank
  • KFC
  • McDonald's
  • Taco Bell
  • Young's HomeTown Pharmacy

Together Safely Grocery Options

We have partnered with the following companies to offer safe, discounted grocery services to students. When students leave campus to access these services, they should register their travel using the off-campus travel form, but will be automatically approved.

  • Kroger - 1100 W Argyle St, Jackson, MI - Order online via Kroger’s website or via the Kroger app and pick up curbside at a scheduled time. There is no additional fee for the service.
  • Meijer - 2777 Airport Rd, Jackson, MI - Order online via Meijer’s website and pick up curbside at a scheduled time. No membership fee is required, but there is a pickup fee.
  • Metz Dining Services - In addition to the campus dining locations, Albion College and our new food-services partner, Metz, are looking for ways to diversify the fresh food offerings on campus.

We are offering a limited number of student grocery pickups per week at Meijer and Kroger for students who do not have vehicles. We will pick up at Meijer and Kroger in Jackson on Thursday mornings and groceries will be available to be picked up in the Ferguson parking lot at noon on Thursday. You must place your order through the grocery stores first and then fill out the Albion College Student Grocery Pick Up form to reserve your Albion College pick up.

If you would like to travel off-campus to pick up groceries at Meijer or Kroger yourself (in your own vehicle), you must fill out the request for off-campus travel form prior to leaving campus, but your request will automatically be approved, and you do not need to wait for written approval.

Receiving Visitors and Leaving Campus

In keeping with our public health and safety protocols which include significantly minimizing exposure to possible infection through time away from campus for all students, we have developed a process to facilitate student requests to travel off-campus and receive visitors. Students can submit requests to travel and work off-campus, register visitors, or manage their travel as a commuter student using the forms available on the Student Life page.