Legal Resources & Information

Campus Safety Statement

The citizenship status of an Albion student is not relevant to the functions and responsibilities of Campus Safety, so officers do not ask students for any documentation or other information related to their citizenship status.

City Law Enforcement

The City of Albion's Public Safety Department allows their police officers to request information about citizenship status from individuals who are suspects or have been arrested for a criminal act. Albion Public Safety (city police) will also provide assistance to ICE agents and other federal authorities when requested by those agencies to do so. Note: the campus safety officers based on Albion College's campus are not police officers and do NOT ask questions about citizenship (see statement above).

This document explains your rights if you are ever asked by Albion City police officers about your citizenship status (more information is available in the "Off Campus" resources below):

What do I do if I see Immigration Enforcement on campus?

Any situations on campus involving Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) should be referred to Ken Snyder, Director of Campus Safety who can be reached by calling campus safety at 517/629-0911. Mr. Snyder will consult with College counsel as necessary to verify any warrant presented.

Where can I find resources locally?

Registrar Andrew Dunham, is available to help students and their allies find resources. He can be reached at 517/629-0216 or .

Reporting Discriminatory Harassment

Albion College seeks to create a welcoming environment in which all students can learn. If a student experiences harassment or discriminatory treatment there are several ways they can report it. Please see this page for details, including an anonymous reporting tool.

Off-Campus Resources