Advocacy Organizations and Contacts

On-Campus Resources

What do I do if I see Immigration Enforcement on campus?

Any situations on campus involving Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) should be referred to Ken Snyder, Director of Campus Safety who can be reached by calling campus safety at 517/629-0911. Mr. Snyder will consult with College counsel as necessary to verify any warrant presented.

Where can I find resources locally?

Registrar Andrew Dunham, is available to help students and their allies find resources. He can be reached at 517/629-0216 or .

Undocumented Student Support Committee (USSC)

The USSC works to identify and address the needs of undocumented students at Albion College.

The following are active members of this committee and can be contacted to support undocumented students and their allies:

  • Scott Hendrix, Writing Center director
  • Molly Thompson-Vanderheyden, admission counselor
  • Lynn Verduzco-Baker, associate professor, Anthropology & Sociology
  • Patrick McLean, director, Ford Institute
  • Deborah Kanter, professor, History
  • Marcie Noble, visiting professor, Spanish
  • Carrie Menold, associate professor, Geological Sciences
  • Cristen Casey, director, Center for International Education
  • Sarah Goldman, associate director, Admission

Faculty Committee on Diversity

The Faculty Committee on Diversity works to address a wide variety of diversity related issues on campus. The members of this committee are:

  • Holger Elischberger, chair
  • Ashley Feagin
  • Nicolle Zellner
  • Keena Williams
  • Lynn Verduzco-Baker

Reporting Discriminatory Harassment

Albion College seeks to create a welcoming environment in which all students can learn. If a student experiences harassment or discriminatory treatment there are several ways they can report it. Please see this page for details, including an anonymous reporting tool.

Off-Campus Resources