Window Air-Conditioners

Students should note the following information before deciding which phase of Room Selection to participate in. Due to safety restrictions and electrical load limitations, student provided window air-conditioners (A/C units) are permitted on a limited basis, and must be approved by the Petition Committee prior to installation. Students must complete a Window Air-Conditioner Petition. Petitions are available through the Office of Residential Life.

Air-conditioned residences are:

  • 416 Erie Street Apartments
  • 507 Erie Street Apartment
  • The Mae Apartments
  • Munger Apartments
  • Munger House

Approved A/C units are permitted in the following residential units if a student has received approval from the Petition Committee:

  • Burns Street Apartments
  • Fraternities
  • Mitchell Towers
  • Seaton Hall
  • Wesley Hall
  • Whitehouse Hall


A/C units are not permitted in the following residential units:

  • Briton House Apartments
  • Dean Hall
  • Fiske House
  • Ingham Hall

For more information on Window Air Conditioner Approval, please see page 95-96 in our 2017-2018 Student Handbook..