Who Can Participate in Room Selection

Eligibility to Participate in Room Selection

Graduating seniors, students intending to withdraw, students planning to take a leave of absence during Fall Semester 2017, or students approved for an Off-Campus Study Program for the Fall Semester 2017 may not participate in Room Selection. Room Selection is ONLY for those students currently enrolled for Spring Semester 2017 classes. Students who are not enrolled (transfer students, first year students, and students being readmitted to the College) will be placed in available housing during the summer and their assignments will be sent to their Albion College email address. Students approved to be on a Leave of Absence for the Spring 2017 are eligible to participate in the room selection process. In addition, members of fraternities are required to live in their designated house. Fraternity room selection will occur internally and separately from the other phases of Room Selection. Fraternity Presidents will have information regarding fraternity room selection.

Class Registration for Fall Semester 2017

Any Student who is assigned to a room during Room Selection but is not registered for Fall 2017 classes by May 1, 2017 may be removed from their selected room and placed on a wait list. The remaining roommate(s) will subsequently be assigned a new roommate by the Office of Residential Life.

Transfer Students (Students Transferring to Albion College for Fall 2017):

Once a transfer student completes the enrollment process, he/she will be contacted by the Office of Residential Life to discuss housing options.