Move In Overview

The move-in schedule for the Fall 2020 semester is built with public health guidelines at its core. 

Move-in is scheduled by building, and there will be no early arrival move-ins. The move-in schedule below limits the number of students moving in on each day to accommodate physical distancing and to allow healthcare staff to conduct the required COVID-19 testing. Every student will receive an email confirmation of their move-in date on Wednesday, July 29, which will contain a link that can be used to reserve a move-in slot during one of two time blocks (either 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. or 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m). Students will also receive an email reminder 48 hours before their scheduled move-in slot with reminders and updates about check-in procedures. Students can arrive anytime during their scheduled time block. Please know that space is limited each of the time blocks.

  • Monday, August 10 - Students returning to Albion from outside the U.S. (primarily international students) to observe the CDC-recommended 14-day isolation period.
  • Wednesday, August 12 - Wesley Hall 2nd and 3rd floors, Seaton Hall 2nd and 3rd floors.
  • Thursday, August 13 - Wesley Hall Ground and 1st floors, Seaton Hall Ground and 1st floors.
  • Tuesday, August 18 - Whitehouse Hall 2nd and 3rd floors, Mitchell Towers 3rd and 4th floors.
  • Wednesday, August 19 - Whitehouse Hall Ground and 1st floors, Mitchell Towers 1st and 2nd floors, Ingham Hall, Fiske House.
  • Thursday, August 20 - Apartments:  Mae, Munger, Burns, Briton, 416 Erie, 507 Erie, Munger House.
  • Friday, August 21 - Fraternity Houses.

Students who are unable to move in during their assigned move-in date will not be permitted to move in early. Students who miss their move-in date should email . Students who show up to campus outside of their scheduled move-in dates will not be allowed to move in.

Pre-Arrival Expectations

The following expectations are required of students and their families prior to coming to Albion College. Remember, together, we can create a safe, engaging and dynamic fall semester!

  • Students should quarantine at home for at least 7 days before their move-in date.
    • Wear a mask when not at home.
    • Enjoy time with family at home! (And, do not get together with others outside of your household.)
    • Avoid restaurants, stores and other public indoor spaces as much as possible.
  • Students or their helpers who have tested positive for COVID-19 or who are experiencing symptoms should not return to campus on their scheduled move-in date. You should email to make other arrangements to return after you have been cleared by health officials.   
  • Students are allowed up to two helpers to assist them in moving in. Say your goodbyes and goodlucks before leaving home, and only travel with the people who are absolutely necessary to help you bring your belongings into your residence hall, apartment or fraternity house. Then send a selfie or two (or ten) to document your move-in!

Move-In Day Expectations

The following expectations are required of students and their helpers during the move-in process:

  • Students will be required to receive a COVID-19 test during the move-in process. Testing will be conducted with nasal swabs with a 3-day turnaround, and will be provided with no direct cost to students. More information on the testing protocol here.
  • Students and their helpers will be required to wear masks/face coverings at all times during the move-in process, and are asked to do their best to maintain 6 feet of physical distance from other students and helpers, to protect each other from illness.
  • Students are reminded to limit the number of personal belongings they bring to campus. Students are prohibited from bringing large items (like furniture, large televisions, or wall-to-wall floor coverings), and only one mini-fridge and microwave are permitted per room. Remember that elevators will not be in operation and moving carts will not be available, so students should limit their packing to what they and their helpers can reasonably carry during their move-in time block.
  • Summer storage items will be delivered to student rooms before students return to campus. Students should email with questions related to items stored over the summer.

Move-In Day Procedures

In order to provide a safe environment for students to move back to campus, the move-in process for Fall 2020 will include the following procedures:

  1. Drive to the central check-in station at the Ferguson Hall parking lot (E. Erie St.) for contactless health screening and check-in process.
  2. Remain in your vehicle for contactless health screening which will include:
    1. Answering three questions related to COVID-19 symptoms:
      1. In the past 24 hours have you experienced: a) Fever (100.4℉ or higher), b) Cough (excluding chronic cough due to known medical reasons), c) Shortness of breath, d) Sore throat, e) Diarrhea (excluding diarrhea due to known medical reasons) or f) Loss of taste or smell?
      2. Have you had close contact in the last 14 days with an individual diagnosed with COVID-19?
      3. Have you traveled on an airplane internationally in the last 14 days?
    2. Have your temperature taken by a no-touch thermometer (must be under 100.4℉).
  3. Students and helpers who are cleared will receive paper armbands to indicate they have passed the health screening.
    1. Students who answer yes to one or more of the questions above or who show symptoms will not be allowed to move in.
    2. Helpers who answer yes to one or more of the questions above or who show symptoms will be asked to remain in their vehicle while the student moves in.
  4. Students: Complete COVID-19 nasal swab.
  5. Students: Complete the Residential Life check-in process including verification of cell phone number and other important student information, and receive a new student ID encoded with your Fall 2020 room assignment. Cell phone numbers are vital to help the College to maintain a safe and healthy environment as students may need to be notified of positive COVID-19 tests or that they have been identified as a ‘close contact’ to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.
  6. After completing the check-in process, proceed to the residential building and park where instructed. Staff will direct you to the door nearest the student’s room.
  7. Once the student has completed move-in, helpers will be expected to leave campus and not return until the end of Fall semester to assist their student in traveling back home.

Self-Quarantine After Move-In

After students have moved in they will be required to quarantine in their assigned living space for 3 days, or until they have received the result of their COVID-19 test.  As you plan for your self-quarantine experience, think about what entertainment or activities you may want to do while remaining in your assigned living space. We know that students arriving on campus are eager to make connections with their peers, so virtual community-building opportunities will be offered throughout move-in week. Make sure to pack your favorite snacks, a fan for hot days, or a board game or puzzles. If you test positive, the College will work with you on next steps.

During the 3-day self-quarantine period, students are expected to follow these guidelines to limit contact with other community members: 

  • Remain in your assigned living space as much as possible.
  • Wear a mask/face covering any time you are not in your assigned living space, including inside all campus buildings, and any time outside when physical distancing is not possible.
  • Pick up meals from Baldwin or other designated on-campus dining locations. Meals should be eaten in your assigned living space or in an outside area away from others.
  • Do not associate or get together with other students except with their roommates, suitemates, or apartment mates.

Students who receive a positive COVID-19 test will be moved to a designated isolation space on campus and will be required to remain there until approved by the Calhoun County Health Department. Roommates without symptoms will be allowed to quarantine in their room for a 14 day period provided that they do not test positive for COVID-19 or experience symptoms.

Please check out the following links to get more information as we prepare to welcome students to campus this Fall.

Maps & Directions

One of the more convenient ways to navigate around campus is by going online to view our campus map. In addition to viewing the campus online, Albion College staff members will be handing out maps at several locations, specifically at each check-in desks within the residential halls. Check-in time is from 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. for first year students on August 23rd. For our upperclassmen, you will be permitted to check into your space between the hours of 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 24th and Sunday, August 25th. If you arrive after 6:00 p.m. then you will need to contact the RA on duty and please be patient while we try to locate a staff member to assist you after hours.

You will see various staff members from the Department of Residential Life throughout the entire day. Be sure to introduce yourself and your family to them. Each of the residence halls will have information posted about events, activities, meals, and campus safety.

What to Bring

Are you curious to know what items are permitted in the residence halls? First of all, we encourage you to connect with your roommate(s) to discuss which items you plan to share in order to avoid cluttering the room. You may also check out the Items you may want for your residence hall room and Items to Leave at Home sections of the New Students page.

Please note that all student rooms in the residence halls are not the same, especially in size. You can view each residence hall on the Building Information page.

Connect with Roommates

If you have not already made contact with your roommates, then we strongly encourage you to do so. You may find that information in your Albion email and or call the Department of Residential Life at 517/629-0224. It may be helpful to get to know one another prior to move-in day. Please be sure to discuss with your roommates about your living style preferences. Keep in mind that your roommates don't have to be best friends but it's important to discuss a shared common goal on what a successful living experience may look like for everyone.

Sample Questions:

  • What's your schedule like (weekday/weekend)?
  • What's your take on privacy in the room?
  • If anything goes wrong, how will you communicate with me?
  • How do you feel about guests?
  • Do you have a job and or involved in any student clubs and organizations?
  • Are you a morning or night person?
  • What are you bringing to college that you're willing to share or not share?
  • Where do you fall on neatness spectrum?
  • Do you have any allergies?
  • How do you study?
  • Do you like the room hot or cold?
  • How do you feel about parties?
  • What chores do you not mind doing?
  • What are some of your favorite foods, music, movies, etc.?
  • Why did you chose Albion?
  • Tell me about your family and or pets back home.
  • Is there anything you want to know about me?


How do I change my room?

Students are unable to change their room for the first two weeks of each semester. Students are permitted to seek approval for a room move between Monday, September 9th and Monday, September 30th ONLY.

If students are experiencing roommate conflicts, we encourage students to following this process:

  • Talk with your roommate in person about the concern within 24-48 hours.
  • Use your roommate agreement workbook to go over areas of concern with your roommate and then have a conversation with your RA about updating your room rules.
  • Talk with your Resident Assistant (RA) to have a roommate mediation.
  • Talk with your Resident Director (RD) about the concerns in a timely manner.
  • Use your roommate agreement workbook to go over areas of concern to update your room rules.

How do I switch my meal plan?

Board plan changes are permitted until the 10 th day of the semester. Students must email Residential Life to let us know they would like to change their meal plan. For example, "I would like to change my meal plan from the 18 meal plan to the 21 meal plan for Fall 2020."

Students that reside in the residence halls (Wesley, Mitchell, Whitehouse, Seaton, Fiske, and Ingham) are required to be on a residential board plan. The different Meal Plan options are listed on the Tuition & Fees website.

Students that reside in the fraternities and apartments are not required to be on board but may purchase a board plan if they wish.

I lost my room key. How do I get a new one?

Students can go to the IT HelpDesk, located on the ground floor of Ferguson, across from the computer lab for a new Student ID. Each new Student ID costs $5.00, which is added to the student's account.

For fraternity keys, students can email, call, or visit Residential Life to explain that they need a new key for their room. There is an automatic $90.00 lock change charge for a new fraternity key or if the key is lost. Facilities staff typically changes the lock within 1–3 business days.

Can I have furniture removed from my room?

All furniture must remain in the designated room/apartment for the duration of the school year, per the Student Handbook. Students may be charged for removing furniture.